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Cao boss suspicious way "is to eat? Do you still smell like Mr. Zong? "

"Really?" Qu Yong was shocked and raised his sleeve to smell the bumblebee’s misconduct. "Brother Xiaoyong, what really happened to you?"
QuYong refused to admit "what god horse? There is no god horse? "
"Still installed?"
However, even if three people torture Qu Yong, they will never die. They will stare at the multimedia blackboard, but they will not listen to what is going on outside the window and concentrate on reading sages.
In the end, hello everyone. Bumblebee sighed, "Brother Xiaoyong’s mouth is like a virgin? It’s all tight. "
At the end of the day, Qu Yong went to set up a stall until six o’clock in the evening, which is usually an elective course. The so-called compulsory course, choose to escape, and the elective course, must escape. Boss Cao and others will never take the elective course Bumblebee and practice Qu Yong’s Protestant split boxing when they are fat, while he himself is trying to figure out the eagle shape.
The day passed repeatedly in the haze, and gradually the wildcats in the jungle were no longer called spring. The bumblebee said that winter was coming gradually.
Qu Yong is also deeply touched by this. Although he is as strong as an ox now, Boss Cao has already worn three pieces, but "if he is a man, he won’t wear long pants", so his pants are still two pieces. After that, he spilled out like palm sand for more than a month.
Getting up early and domineering with a bald head to go to school is a bit like playing cards against the landlord. I felt that Building 17 called Yu Shishi to give her 100 yuan for food. For food with 100 yuan, she struggled with poetry several times. Every time on the first day, she would come up with a sneak attack method, but Qu Yong cracked it one by one and then "suddenly beat" it and was carried away to learn.
Then go to the canteen to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with Zong Qianqian, and then go back to the rooftop of the dormitory to practice.
Occasionally, in the morning, Zong Qianqian would conjure up a picture for Qu Yong, but it was usually the bumblebee who grabbed it first. Generally, these feelings came from literary and artistic young people of all colleges and grades. More young people took out their mobile phones and hid in the corner to take a sneak shot, and then took it back to the bed at night to slap it.
Envelopes of all colors have five flowers, ranging from the Big Bang to the history of human reproduction, from Romeo and Juliet to Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, and directly writing a sentence "How much is the monthly subscription". Of course, more is still copied from 300 books, and all the names have been copied for a long time, and the bumblebee has lost the heart to watch and learn.
Of course, there are many suitors in Yu Shishi. After all, she is also a youthful enemy and a beautiful girl has a special appointment. However, since she interrupted a leg of a suitor who wanted to touch her hands, she was generally afraid to provoke this female Tyrannosaurus rex. Besides, gossip has spread that she is Jingtai Four Girls and her niece has completely cut off the fantasy of diaosi.
These are obviously not in the poem’s note. In the past month, Qu Yongyou will give her 1000 yuan to go out to play on her own on weekends. This is simply unacceptable for a young lady to spend money like water. Her daily thing is to dig her heart and think about some ancient and strange moves to sneak up on Qu Yong and fight for her freedom and happiness to the end!
Yu Chengshu’s side didn’t sell out of honeysuckle, but Qu Yong borrowed another 15,000 yuan, which should be enough to pay for his medicine. He specifically told Cheng Shu not to say anything. After Cheng Shu’s experience in Niu Ge, he already knew that Qu Yong was very different now. He promised not to say anything. Although he couldn’t get the money back from the horse, they remembered that the four girls had given him a total of 100,000 yuan. He didn’t lend Duan Tianyang 15,000 yuan to Cheng Shuqu according to the arrangement of the four girls. Yong took another 5 thousand to his parents, but he didn’t dare to take more, otherwise he didn’t know how to explain that the remaining 60 thousand was Yu Shishi. Although Yu Shishi now spends less money, he still can’t often damage public property. It’s really not much to give her 60 thousand to "wipe her ass."
Another big change is that the only required course in the evening, the professor of human anatomy, was replaced. In the past, Wang Lao was transferred to the Health Bureau. The new arrival was Steve, an American. He didn’t seem to be very friendly to Qu Yong, and he kept eating together every day.
Chapter one hundred Splash you with sulfuric acid
Zong Qianqian is very resistant to this, but there is really no way to get rid of him.
Qu Yong’s honeysuckle was also sold a little bit, but these are not the most exciting. The most exciting thing is that four girls were elected as deputies to the provincial people’s congress.
When he heard the news, Qu Yong convulsed for a long time, but he didn’t react. Four girls and deputies to the National People’s Congress are two concepts, but they are so firmly hung up. He finally gradually understood what boss Cao said was "bleaching", and he didn’t know how the four girls did it, but boss Cao said that sometimes black is not necessarily black and white, and the boundary between black and white is just decided by people.
Finally, Boss Cao patted Qu Yong on the shoulder and said that Qiao Laosi in Northeast China was able to be the governor’s guest "groom every night", but no one in the whole Northeast could manage Qiao Laosi, but it was still destroyed because it was done too much. Sisi was thinking of Jingtai. The temperature is very important these days. Everything is right.
Although this one is very exciting, for Qu Yong, he doesn’t care too much. What he cares most about now is that he should attack this girl with ancient strange ideas every day and make a ruthless move. One careless move is likely to be planted, but on the other hand, it also aroused his limited fighting spirit. Xingyiquan pays attention to "being caught in an enemy is like being on fire". It is that sense that is responsive and responsive.
Besides Yu Shi’s poems, Zong Qianqian’s enthusiasm for Qu Yong is getting stronger every day. She seems to have been completely immersed in the atmosphere of communication with Qu Yong. Sometimes when Qu Yong’s "excessive" intimacy and "resistance" to her, she will just tell him that he can’t let others see through it, especially Steve, who has a wonderful sixth sense. The bumblebee is full of regrets about this. Why is he charming just can’t fall into the eyes of Dear Zong?
However, at the level of kissing, they "communicated" only once, and there was no second time. Qu Yong still saved the "second kiss" of his life.
Yu Tianyi’s daughter Bumblebee got Qu Yong’s six-petal plum blossom painting, but there was no news after the net except that it was taken to PS by the big D-bar Yisi. Bumblebee also tried to go to the Thunder Big Three, WOW, and other famous big post bars, but it was the same. When there was no news, Qu Yong gradually realized the despair of the old road.
In a few days, it will be New Year’s Day. Quzhou Medical College was formerly called "Red Cross Medical College". Because the British International Aid Red Cross founded the medical college in China during the Anti-Japanese War, the name has gone through many vicissitudes of life. The school has also been nationalized and renamed Quzhou Medical College. However, many school-running concepts and school systems have remained, and today, people in China have been popular with foreigners’ festivals, and New Year’s Day Quyi doctors will still do a lot of things. After all, it is all year round in the Gregorian calendar.
At present, the school is decorated with lanterns and festivities everywhere, and a large stage has been set up in the Music Square, where the New Year’s Day show will be held. It seems to be heard that Quzhou local Wu Opera Troupe will be invited to perform.
But before this New Year’s Day, there was another program, Bumblebee, which said that girls had five programs, two Valentine’s Day, three Women’s Day (now called Girls’ Day), and one birthday was Christmas.
There are endless statistics of bumblebees. In a year, Christmas is a day when girls are likely to move towards women. On this day, counting girls will ask for a hundred hotels to give themselves up overnight, which is simply a river of blood, also known as the Virgin Festival.
"Women often can’t resist romance, and romance is just a virgin killer!" Bumblebee occupies the sanitary mirror and looks at his hair. Fortunately, the eyebrows shaved by Yu Shishi have gradually grown out.
He also made a girlfriend soon after he learned to be fat, but he soon left the office. He is also actively preparing for Christmas, hoping to find another one during the festival when this woman’s hormones soar. He fiddled with his collar and said, "Bumblebee, in fact, I have always had a question to ask you."
"Go ahead."
Fat way: "What do you mean by keeping the palace sand and virgins in Jin Yong’s novels?"
"Stupid!" Bumblebee laughed. "Palace sand is a shortcut to virgin desktop, okay?"