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"Ha ha, there is no second green hill in this world!"

Baiye nodded and came to mind. Huang Zhen once said that there was a message of Castle Peak. "It’s a pity that I didn’t have enough skills in those days, but now I can’t go back!"
"What do you think of Castle Peak?" White leaves asked Bo Xu and Fan Yan.
Fan Yan said, "Castle Peak has nothing to care about except the surprising scale of the mountain."
Bo Xu also said, "It’s true that Castle Peak is an ordinary thing in the west of Shandong Province for a long time. There is nothing special to say that this mountain was once made by a fairy to move mountains and pour the sea. It is to stop the tsunami from rising in the east and protect the people here!"
"In that case, let’s go out. After the Castle Peak, we’ll go to Toyo, and from there we can go directly to the East."
Baiye got up, and others have been here for a month, always ready to leave, and there is nothing to prepare.
"There is a fairy in the mountain. I don’t know what it is. The adoptive father hasn’t got it for so long. It seems that this is a hard bone!"
Baiye rode a horse and everyone set off together. He didn’t care about Morigu in his heart, but he was thinking about getting the fairy device
In the distance, Castle Peak Murray looked very dissatisfied, because opposite him, two people were resplendent figures.
One of them said, "Brother Mo heard that you have arranged many ancient spiritual arrays. I don’t know what to do?"
Murray looked at the other side and frowned. "Brother Sima and Brother Qian want a piece of the action, just say, don’t beat around the bush!"
"Ha ha, it’s still that Brother Mo is frank enough. I’ve listened to the disciples and you don’t blame him!"
Murray cold face in the heart is laughed "said? Hum, what does this little beast know? You and I are Yin Bao? Hey, hey, I can’t see that thing anymore. If I were a reincarnation! "
"Brother mo doesn’t know the arrangement? Do you need help from your younger brother? "
"Not now, but when those people come, I hope you can stay in line."
"Keep in GuLing array? What can this ancient array do? "
"Many people now know that this is actually the mystery of the Appearance Department!"
Murray said that he was mysterious. Brother Sima and Brother Qian couldn’t help but look at each other and said in their hearts, "Is this array clear at a glance?"
Murray stopped talking and said, "I’ll go to the front and have a look at you!" "
Say and flicker away.
"Brother Mo, what’s your idea?"
"I don’t know, but it’s nothing. Anyway, it’s under our noses. Good baby needs to be shared by brothers!"
Then he walked with a smile.
After more than ten days of stop-and-go, Baiye finally arrived at the foot of Qingshan Mountain and looked at the mountain like a wall running through the north and south. Baiye finally knew what to say. This mountain is against the sky. How can a normal mountain be like this?
At the same time, Baiye’s sensitive consciousness has captured the strange smell of this mountain, and there is a faint smell in this smell that I once felt in the celestial world.
"Shall we go to the mountain together or go to explore the road first as we did last time?" 6 cut asked
Bai Ye said, "Let’s go together. There is no place to rest here. It’s better to go together!"
"Good mountain!" Li Qing took the lead and rushed forward with a cheerful smile, and the others followed closely.
Three other disciples in Shanqian Chendian are looking at each other.
"Brother and younger brother, I think you should know everything. I don’t know if it’s you or me first?" Murray asked.
"Brother will let us go first?"
"What won’t? That girl is there, and the person to deal with is there! "
Brother Morisima and brother Qian looked at each other and flew out at the same time. They were thinking, "Do you want us to be pawns? Hey, hey, whoever grabs it first will get it. This is a rule in the door! "
Murray sneered, "A bunch of shortsighted guys haha, my goal is not that kind of low-level thing!"
He looked at a group of people riding horses, one of whom was dressed in white and smiling, and Murray’s eyes were full of excitement.
"You go to hell …" Murray directly picked up the spirit tactic to release the turbulent aura.
There are trees in this castle peak, and everyone soon enters the forest. There are mountain roads here that have become steep, and everyone walks at once.
It wasn’t long before Li Qing stopped and made a warning move at the same time.
Everyone looked and saw a man in front of him handing his hand. "Please stop at Qianchen Temple!"
Li Qing asked, "What are you going to do? What about Murray? "
"My brother is in the back. I want that girl. Please give her to me if possible. I can let you go …"
Qian Yuan said that a plain face with a smile root is not like a highway robbery.
At this moment, Bo Xu stretched out his hand and hit a light, which blew a tree aside to pieces, and a person was there smiling as well.
This man was broken to the hiding place by Bo Xu, and then he handed over, "Brother Sima Mori in Qianchen Temple."
"Bo Xu Dao" is a crooked road, and it seems that the purpose is the same. Needless to say, directly eradicate it! "
An elder ordered Heaven Cave people in Heaven’s Library to act immediately and attack them in two batches.
Green snake and Li Muren also asked Huang Bei to stay beside Baiye and there was a quiet Liang Yuan.
"Ye Ge, what’s wrong with you?" Huang Bei saw Bai Ye wait for a while looking at the front eyes without any expression.
"Ye Ge Ye Ge …" Huang Bei quickly called but Baiye just didn’t respond.
Just when Huang Bei wanted to call someone else, Bai Ye suddenly turned around and said, "Bud, hurry up and inform Fan that they want them to pass through Qingshan quickly. Those people don’t pay attention to it, or the mountain will collapse! I will catch up if I go. "
After saying that, Baiye jumped from the horse and called to the nearest green snake, "Xiaoqing, protect Belle!"
"Yes!" Xiaoqing Xun returned to Huang Bei.
"Celestial things? Like aliens again? What is it? " White leaves shot towards the mountain, eyes full of worry!
Section sixty-three Stop heterogeneous
Baiye left, and many people watched, especially Sammy. Although he didn’t know what Baiye came running in a hurry, it was just what he wanted.
"You’re the one who prepared these ancient arrays. You can’t blame others for coming in by yourself."
In an instant, he finished all the arrangements and started this large area, including the sky, and became ruddy.
Baiye also sensed the change of heaven and earth in an instant, knowing that Murray had made the ghost unable to help but scold, "It’s so stupid that it’s already dying, and it’s still adding fuel to the fire!"
Baiye is dismissive of Mori’s means. He got the understanding in some scenes, and his expression was misunderstood by Mori as the performance of reincarnation soul. Now these ancient arrays have some influence on Baiye, but they can’t hurt him at all.
However, Baiye still needs to break these messy laws as soon as possible, not for himself, but for his unknown strange things now.