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After that, she glared at the door again and slowly turned around and went upstairs. She started walking with her shoulder straps in her hands, and the ponytail behind her head seemed to be in a good mood.

Ye Beiqi came out of Zhao Jing’s house the next morning and saw Chen Jiuhan’s car waiting in the building.
She smiled and ran to sit in the passenger cab. Chen Jiuhan screwed her eyebrows and glared at her. He grunted, "Can’t you walk firmly? No wonder you tripped yourself. "
Ye Beiqi scratched his head and giggled, "I’m not afraid you’ll be in a hurry!"
"What to eat?"
"I will eat whatever my uncle eats!"
Chen Jiuhan glanced at her from the side of his head. Her face was full of youthful smiling faces, and warmth could melt people. His frozen heart actually felt a little warmth.
Although she is young and broad-minded, her mother died in anger, and her father and horse took his mistress and little daughter home. If it were him, he would fight his father with a knife!
But although this girl is angry in her heart, she has not gone to extremes, and her personality is not so extreme. She is still so sunny.
Chen Jiuhan took her to long ie for breakfast. After dinner, she looked sorry that this was paid by mobile phone, and her mobile phone was confiscated.
She was deeply sorry that she couldn’t invite her uncle to have breakfast, but she had heard about this long ie for a long time, and it was the first time she came in today. It was really tall!
There are no students here, no cashier can eat whatever they want, and they need to take whatever they want when they come in. When they go out, they will automatically display the debit list. It’s so advanced!
And she learned from Zhao Jing last night that her uncle turned out to be Big Boss long ie!
When the horses and chariots arrived at school, Ye Beiqi turned to stare at Chen Jiuhan’s side face and said seriously, "Uncle, I owe you a meal."
Chen Jiuhan bent his lips and said, "Do I look like someone who lacks that meal?"
"I know uncle you are, but you are. That’s you. It’s my different mind that I invite you."
The car slowly stopped at the school gate. Ye Beiqi grabbed Chen Jiuhan’s sleeve in front of the car and told him, "No matter what our squad leader says, you just have to deal with it a little. The most important thing is not to forget to get my mobile phone back! Remember! Remember! Life without a mobile phone is really confusing! "
"Playing games with your IQ is also sending people to listen to Zhao Jing’s saying that you have been staring at the video bag all night without even playing. According to my understanding, there should be a lot of high school?"
Ye Beiqi’s expression is like seeing a ghost. How did he know that she wanted a mobile phone to play games? How does he know that she always delivers her head?
She twisted her eyebrows and asked him, "Uncle must be a master, right? Will you team up to take me when my mobile phone comes back? "
Chen Jiuhan gave her a rude stare and got off the cart door. Ye Beiqi followed him to the campus and attracted the curious eyes of many students around her. She led Chen Jiuhan to the office door and she went back to work.
When she sat in her place, Xia Ling leaned over with one hand against her lips and asked her in a low voice, "How much is that handsome guy hired?"
"Cut ~" Ye Beiqi raised a mysterious smile on her lips and said to her, "Not hired."
At this time, when the bell rang, the math teacher came in and asked on the podium with a long face, "Did I go back to do all the papers I assigned yesterday?"
The students looked up and answered "Done"
"Okay, take it out and I’ll check it out."
As she spoke, the math teacher came from the podium and looked at Ye Beiqi one by one. She stared at Xia Ling and turned to write many papers in front of Xia Ling booth. After feeling Ye Beiqi’s eyes, she turned to look at her.
"Did you stay in math?" Ye Beiqi sobbed at the corner of her mouth and asked her about other subjects. She was not afraid of teachers, but the math teacher was too fierce!
"I woke you up after school yesterday."
Xia Linggang said that the math teacher had come to their desks. "Ye Beiqi, take out your math test paper!"
"Forgot it"
"Go to the door!"
""no corporal punishment of students! Sue you!
I said this in my heart, but my legs got up and turned around and walked away. The students laughed at her and were so familiar that she was numb.
She put her hands in her pockets and leaned against the wall. In the corridor, she caught a glimpse of a figure approaching slowly.
Text 517 Little Secret
Section 424
Her grade principal or headmaster strolled over, and she immediately got well and turned around to see Chen Jiuhan raise her lips and smile not far from her.
"Uncle so fast? Did I get my mobile phone? " She trumpet her hands and put them on her lips. She asked him softly.
Chen Jiuhan came over and patted her on the shoulder, raised her arm, pointed to the class behind her and asked in a low voice, "Be kicked out?"
""she has a throat, uncle. Don’t ask irrelevant questions, okay?
"Where is the mobile phone?" She asked his palm for Chen Jiuhan’s hand and slapped it on her palm. Her palm suddenly ached and the two palms hit each other and made a crunchy sound.
Soup echoed in the corridor with Ye Beiqi’s eyes closed in pain and Chen Jiuhan’s teeth clenched with a face of anger.
After a few seconds of silence, the front door of Class 2 suddenly hit the math teacher and leaned out to see Chen Jiuhan in front of Ye Beiqi, slightly stunned.
Chen Jiuhan put one hand in his suit pocket and the other hand naturally hung on his side and turned to look at the front door of the class. The teacher appeared. He lifted his mouth slightly with a smile and said, "Hello, I’m her uncle. Today, I was invited to teach her a lesson instead of her parents because my little niece was disobedient."
"Oh," the math teacher didn’t doubt him at all. His expression was dull and he frowned. His hands were covered with chalk dust and rubbed together. The tone was a little blunt. "That child’s study habits need to be well cultivated. You can criticize her if she has mistakes. Sometimes it will be counterproductive to start work."
Ye Beiqi bowed her head and held back her smile. Did the math teacher hear that uncle slapped her mouth?