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"I …" Hang An trembles, but he says nothing.

In fact, he was more worried about the chip than Ruan Danning. He never thought that the other half would be in his daughter’s body … At the beginning, he had lived up to Xiao Li’s parents. Now the two children have suffered the same hardships. I wonder what Xiao Li will do to Ning Dai?
Will it bear a grudge that Jia Xiaoli sent the child away?
"Ning Dai, when you grow up, take good care of yourself and don’t let your mother worry."
Finally, Hang ‘an is so charged.
"Well, I know," NingDai nodded and smiled. "Mom and dad, don’t worry so much about being here early! Ximing and Juan Bangge are here, and I will be fine. "
"Hey …" Hang An sighed, unable to speak and waved. "Let’s go!"
"Uncle, aunt, let’s go …"
Go out from Xuan to the side door and the car is already waiting.
Because they all brought assistants with them, the people in the same trade were a little bit early and pointed their heads at the back of Ning Dai. "Ning Dai, you go to the spacious place behind the car …"
"… oh" NingDai nodded without thinking too much.
Pull the door to find that there is someone in the car. Although the light is dim, this face … How can she not know it?
Ning Dai felt embarrassed at the thought of their two-day relationship mode. She took a step back and wanted to change cars. Before sitting in the shadows, Han Xilang said, "Where are you going? You don’t want to share a car with me at this time? "
NingDai zheng small muttered "points is that you don’t want to see me"
"What?" Han Xilang frowned and didn’t quite hear "What did you say?"
"No … nothing" NingDai shook her head and sat beside him.
The bus will leave soon, going to the dock, taking the waterway and then taking the plane.
Ning Dai tried to shrink herself into the corner because it was too quiet. She had nothing to say, "Oh, by the way … why did you come here?"
"Can’t I come?" Han Xilang gave her a look.
"…" NingDai a lag shook his head "that’s not what I mean"
Then there was silence. Ning Dai dared not feel that she was wrong in front of Han Xilang now … Sure enough, she didn’t like that person, and everything became unlovable! Even if they used to be brother and sister, they can’t escape the routine of breaking up!
There was a long silence until NingDai was about to fall asleep.
I just heard Han Xilang explain faintly, "I’ll borrow one and see if I can help … if it goes well, I’ll go back. I haven’t finished my work yet."
"… oh"
Ning Dai promised to nod. She knew that his hand was very difficult, and it seemed that she still had no clue after so long.
She opened her mouth to ask him how he was doing, but …
Han Xilang opened his mouth and yawned. "Ah … so sleepy."
Then I slept with my eyes closed.
Ning Dai Zheng just gawked at Han Xilang. His facial features were shrouded in the shadow of aperture, and he was as handsome as a knife … She didn’t seem to have seen him so carefully before, perhaps because she was too familiar with him. Now it has become a kind of welfare to look at him this way.
If only I could look at it like this for a generation.
It’s brother Dabao, who seems to have a girlfriend. He’s not as good to her as before …
Two days’ journey, the whole team finally reached the foothold.
Looking across the horizon, there is a desert as far as the eye can see.
Han Ximing stepped on the ground with his feet and his palms suddenly clenched! He can hardly imagine that she is alone … in a place like this when he can’t find Xiao Ri? What? She’s going through this Because you like him? Can he have a girl? Does he suffer from this?
"How will it be arranged?"
Come and ask the Liang Juanbang Liang Juanbang looked at the twins with the genus to make arrangements.
A whole group of people settled in the desert in the center of the city first, and they couldn’t go without making preparations.
Bang! There was a loud noise and everyone looked back.
See Han Ximing silent a window glass has been smashed by him! Broken glass cut his finger and blood was dripping!
"Second brother!" I was shocked early and hurriedly called "Get the medicine box quickly!"
She was in a hurry before pulling Han Ximing frowned. "What are you doing? I know you are in a hurry … Isn’t this already here? "
"Miss San’s medicine cabinet …"
Section 67
Hurriedly took out disinfectant bandages and gauze early … and treated the wound for Han Ximing.
Han Ximing doesn’t move as if he can’t feel his hand pain. What does he have? Just like now, even if you are depressed, you can vent in this way! Does it hurt? If you don’t mind the pain, it’s one in a million … and it’s not small. He bears one in a billion!
After a night’s rest, Liang Juanbang and his colleagues discussed whether it was necessary to stay here with a streamlined team in the past.
Han Xilang glanced at Ning Dai and frowned. "Is she going, too?"