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"Well, I know the blood wolf guy. Since he’s a slave, this guy named Xiang Ye must be strong, but I don’t think much of him yet." Yu Long shook his head and said.

"Don’t talk nonsense, let’s see. My point of view is just the opposite to yours." I don’t think this person will lose to Wu Dong, the’ yin’ dangerous guy.
"Hey, hey, kiddo, I think some people seem to blindly believe in this Xiang Ye. I remember that you seemed to know each other many years ago." Yu Long said with a bad smile at this moment.
Princess Qingyang was about to say when she heard Wudong across the street, and it was unbearable for Xiang Ye to provoke one after another.
"Don’t blame me if you’re looking for ugliness." After that, three rings suddenly appeared in the middle of the room. Three rings were divided into three colors, gold, silver and copper, and then three rings were enlarged at the same time. One of them flew towards himself and landed on the top of his head with a protective look.
"Xiang Ye Daoyou, don’t underestimate that this female ring is the source of this life. Be careful with the three magical powers that attack and defend the trapped enemy." At this time, the dragon flying sound has reached Xiang Ye’s ear
I heard that Xiang Ye smiled at this source. Now he really didn’t rest assured that he was practicing in Yan Valley for more than two years. He not only successfully reached the level 9 peak, but also reached an extreme body. Now Wudong is an ordinary level 9 monk in his eyes.
Of course, although Xiang Ye knows that Wudong is not his opponent, he will not underestimate the things that idiots will do in this kind of battle, but he will not.
"Come on …"
Light drink a way Xiang Ye stretched out his right hand, right hand, middle finger and thumb together, and an obscure tactic has been typed out.
After this tactic was played, all the monks around who could feel Yuan Li were shocked.
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven Face suppression
"It’s amazing that such a strong force’ wave’ moves," said one of the monks in surprise at this moment.
"Yes, this is the first time I’ve seen a friar who makes Yuanli so skilled," said another person.
As if it were proved that they were right, Xiang Ye’s right-handed tactic appeared in the film above his head, and an umbrella-like force layer appeared instantly.
Huge gold and silver double’ color’ rings whirled and landed on the umbrella surface above Xiang Ye’s head, and waves of gold and silver double’ color’ lightsabers swooped down towards the plane force layer, and each lightsaber was quite powerful.
However, the force layer in Xiang Ye is like a big umbrella, and there is no way to rely on the surrounding gold and silver sword light. Although each layer of gold and silver sword light caused a shake when it fell on the surface, this force umbrella just guarded Xiang Ye steadily.
In the first round, although the two men are equally divided, these monks in the palace are all good in strength. How can you not see that Wu Dong actually fell into the wind because Wu Dong had offered his own life source, but Xiang Ye still resisted
"No wonder it’s so rampant. There are some things, but young people, you will pay the price for your arrogance."
Seeing that his attack was blocked, Wudong’s face was ugly. After that, he said that he didn’t wait for Xiang Ye’s reaction. He directly pointed his hands at the two rings of gold, silver and color again. Two rings suddenly changed. What didn’t appear in the moves was too big? The two arrows of gold and silver rained. When he saw one, the two sleek ones merged directly to form a huge double-color ring, flashing waves of strong force against Xiang Ye to form that force barrier attack.
This is not his temptation move, but a direct heavy-handed attack. Only one Ye Xiang Yuan Li condensed the defense layer. This kind of shaking has already appeared. With the second attack, it has been extremely intense. Everyone knows that another force barrier should be broken by Wudong.
Feel the momentum changed in the gold and silver two’ color’ ring Xiang Ye didn’t take it too seriously. From the’ hand in hand’ just now, he already felt that the strength of Wudong is not as strong as Jiang Lanqiang. For now, his roots are not threatening.
Think about this person again. It is the Dragon Magic Holy Mountain that supports the forces outside. Xiang Ye decided not to leave the other side noodles.
Just as the huge gold’ color’ ring landed on the force barrier for the third time, Xiang Ye made a tactic against his own source force barrier. When everyone recognized that the barrier was about to be broken, they saw a scene that shocked them. The force barrier suddenly turned into a huge palm with the instantaneous contraction of Ye Xiangfa’s tactic, and grabbed it at the flying gold and silver’ color’ ring.
No accident, this huge force hand directly fished this gold and silver’ color’ ring in its hand. How to struggle with the ring is difficult to get rid of the control of the big hand.
Xiang Ye is still there, but Wu Dong is flushed, and a careless one has been beaten again. This time, it is even more ugly. His life source has been caught by the other party.
"Let go …"
Wu Dong was angry and drunk, and his momentum had reached the extreme. The huge torus can also feel waves of force, but on how the ring struggled, the force hand still firmly grasped it, otherwise the ring would have a chance to escape.
Finally, there is no way for Wudong to offer a flying sword again. This flying sword is not low in quality. After it appeared in the middle, it directly turned into a huge blade with a dazzling white light and attacked this big hand.
Seeing that the opponent once again offered a source device, Xiang Ye’s face mocked that it had been exposed suddenly and violently. When the gray-green’ color’ light flashed in his eyes, he saw two gray-green’ color’ lights flying directly to this huge blade, and the two gray-green’ color’ lights flew like moths to the amazing blade, but to everyone’s surprise, when these two lights crashed into the blade, the giant sword suddenly caught a meal, and then quickly narrowed down and reappeared.
At the same time, Xiang Ye also "fuck" the huge force holding the gold and silver "color" ring and flying towards him.
Although it is difficult to pull the ring with big hands, it is still slowly approaching Xiang Ye
Looking at his face close to the gold and silver’ color’ ring, Xiang Ye sneered, stretched out his hands and grabbed it directly, and then the great strength of his hands fell on the torus handle. Just now, two ring figures also appeared.
Seeing each other, it’s easy to control Wu Dong with two kinds of source devices. For Xiang Ye, I already feel a little bad. When I look at Xiang Ye and look at myself, the’ Yin’ cold appearance makes him feel a chill.
"Where come cruel people are so abnormal? Now I finally know that Jiang Lan is beaten in his hands." Wu Dong thought of it for a while.
But he didn’t know that Ye Xiang was only a seven-level monk when he was paired with Jiang Lan, and then he could escape from Jiang Lan’s hand. Now he is already a nine-level peak state, so he can no longer talk to his roots.
"You two rings look interesting, so I’ll stop playing." Xiang Ye’s sarcastic voice rang in the palace at this moment.