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In this situation, many sects, such as Monty Sect and Extreme Demon Sect, came back ten thousand years ago and released news that they would hold a competition for the younger generation in the cultivation of immortals to decide the first master of the younger generation!

Don’t say anything else, just the title of the first master of the younger generation is enough to make the whole world of cultivating immortals think they are young Junjie monks who have come to grab this title
What’s more, the devil clan and other clans have also prepared generous rewards, which are several times more generous than the rewards of the alchemy contest!
Such a grand event is enough to attract the attention of the whole world of cultivating immortals, and it is self-evident that these clans are extremely evil.
You know, these patriarchs who came back after ten thousand years are the younger generation, and their strength is advanced, so it is natural to win a lot of chances to rob the so-called first master of the younger generation.
This grand event attracted the attention of many monks.
Originally, the patriarchal clan is going to let the extremely evil clan and other patriarchal clans perform a one-man show regardless of whether they attend this grand event or not.
But Nai’s first place this day is so attractive that the younger generation of monks can hardly resist going to this grand event.
In this case, the five elements and other clans are naturally not to be outdone, only to participate.
In this way, this grand event immediately swept through the whole cultivation world and attracted all the young Junjie in the whole cultivation world to this grand event.
All this seems to be calm even if it has swept through the whole world of cultivating immortals. Pingyuan City has nothing.
However, Wu Jing, who has been quiet for three years, has been stagnant, but he wants to take part in such a war that has gathered all the young Junjie. This is exactly the case, and the news will become good news when it reaches his mouth.
"Wu, are you going to take part in the first championship this day?"
Xia qi quite startled asked
"Of course, it’s a gathering day. How can I not go to all the young Junjie wars? Besides, how awesome should it be to grab the first place in a day? "
Wu smiled and gloated.
"Aren’t you worried that you will be attacked by sects such as the Shadow Gate if you go to this competition?" Xia qi asked with a smile
"I this is not to come to you? I want you and me to go together, even the Friar of the Shadow Gate in infancy will never leave us. "Wu’s smile disappeared and gave me a hint of embarrassment.
In the past three years, Wu was very uncomfortable, and there was no such event as this one. He naturally didn’t want to miss it.
Hear Wu Xia Qi slightly silent.
In fact, when I heard the news again, Xia Qi was also very excited.
It would be a pity to miss such a big battle that gathered all the young heroes for days.
And even if it doesn’t matter whether it’s the first prize in this lively war day, the generous reward will make Xia Qi move!
This time, there are two pieces of heaven and earth in the reward, which makes Xia Qi deify two points again!
And besides, there are other rewards, which are really rich and enough to make the peak monks in Yuan’s infancy jealous!
"Xia Qi, now you and I are almost at a bottleneck. If we can attend such a grand event, it will be a great breakthrough for you and me."
See the silence Xia Qi silent for a long time. Wu suddenly became anxious and hurriedly persuaded him again.
Wu has great hopes for this grand event, expecting to learn something in this World War I and to break through into the Yuan infant period again. If Xia Qi doesn’t agree, I’m afraid there will be unexpected dangers if he goes alone.
"Ha ha what’s the hurry? I didn’t say no, but this matter needs to be discussed with Master Dan Yuan, and then you and I will start again. "
Xia qi see Wu anxious appearance ha ha a smile and said
When Xia Qi found out that Master Dan Yuan wanted to take part in this competition, Dan Yuan didn’t object, so he nodded readily and agreed, which surprised Xia Qi.
In fact, Dan Yuan knew that Xia Qi would not miss this opportunity at the first moment when he got the news. Exactly so, he simply didn’t stop Xia Qi. He solemnly told Xia Qi to pay attention to safety.
Have full confidence in An Xiaqi and Wu!
The combination of two people is definitely enough to make the friars on the fifth and sixth floors of Yuan Babies go back and forth!
Even met yuan baby peak master that can escape safely.
After the decision, Xia Qi and others did not delay when Dan Yuan, Fang Jingjing and others said goodbye and then left Pingyuan City for the first day of the tournament.
The venue of the first day competition is Yunzhou, the camp of the Five Elements!
Nowadays, Yunzhou is not only a monopoly of the five elements, but also a comeback for many years. All factions are based on Yunzhou and occupy a considerable part of Yunzhou’s resources.
And this time, the leader of the first day competition, Extremely Demon Sect and Monty Sect, are not stationed in Yunzhou. Choosing Yunzhou to hold this grand event is tantamount to naked provocation. Now, the first large number of five elements in the cultivation of immortals are majestic.
Xia Qi two people go hand in hand, because the time is loose, and they are not in a hurry and very leisurely.
Nowadays, the world of cultivating immortals is in turmoil, and naturally, there are also many scattered repairs that take the opportunity to show the great cause of robbery. It is natural that such monks have been cleaned up by Xia Qi, but Xia Qi has gained a lot of windfalls all the way.
On this day, they flew leisurely, talked from time to time, and enjoyed Fang Xiuli’s rivers and mountains in a good mood
However, the leisurely flight of the two men was soon broken, because a fight suddenly came in front of them, which made both of them unbearable and quietly approached the past.
Both of them can’t repair the weak hidden breath, but Xia Qishi’s fetal technique is quietly approaching the front of the forest to cover the battle, and the monks have never found any trace of them.