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At first, everyone’s attention was focused on that method, but as he wrote more, everyone gradually paid attention to the specific meaning of the words.

It doesn’t matter at first sight. More and more people are amazed.
"Is there such a method for mirabilite?" Zuo Ningqing wondered
"Little teacher younger brother is not talking nonsense, is it?" Chunian soft murmured
This master and apprentice have this doubt, not because of mirabilite, but because it is a very common fairy material, which can be easily touched even if it is scattered, but Xiao Wen has never heard of writing that method in white paper!
Doubt, of course, not only the two of them, but almost everyone behind Xiao asked to discuss it. Xiao asked to point out that the novel method can be more than mirabilite and two other constant materials!
At this moment, the old man Wu Qujiang said something in the stone stage department, judging from his mouth shape, the horse is coming when everyone is awake, so that the contestants can speed up.
Xiao asked, but he didn’t write for a short time. After that, he put the writing brush on the penholder and finished the answer!
A moment later, Wu Qujiang ordered the winding!
After collecting the papers, all the contestants were released, but they couldn’t leave immediately. Because the competition was to score on the spot, they also handed in their identity tokens and waited here for the results.
In Nawu Qujiang, 27 cases were led, and a fairy from each case went to the stone stage to read the contestants’ papers.
The paper didn’t write the name, and the examiner didn’t find out his brother’s interest in answering the paper because there was no harm at all in the 27 cases of joint marking, and it was probably not necessary. All the examiners carefully read the papers and wrote their own scores in person.
One of the examination papers puzzled most examiners until two examiners, Zi Zi Zong and Xuan Yang Zong, came out to explain to the rest of the examiners at the same time, which dispelled the doubts of those examiners.
Half an hour later, Haoranzong finally gave the final score according to the scores given by the examiners, and put all those papers back on the original desk. Every time you put back a paper score, it will naturally be displayed in the mirror.
"Haoran Zongxue Gongru points!"
"hūn Chaozong Chen Pengyu scored seven points!"
"Jialing Road is divided into two parts!"
However, those who watched the newspaper called it out spontaneously because Haoran Sect returned the paper to the table and the identity tokens of the contestants, all of which were placed on the side with the names of the clan and the contestants written on them.
One by one, the report is either divided into seven points and five points. Occasionally, there are points and points, but there is no one …
"Zi Ji Zong Ma Dingkun points!"
Finally, there was a noise, and those who watched it were unreasonable. Sure enough, Zizi Sect had a background, which was the only point in this competition.
No one saw the examiners on Shitai who had just finished the examination paper, but they were all surprised when they heard this score.
Then the scores were all seven points, which lasted for a long time.
"Xuanyang Zongshi Tiefen!"
Another point! ! !
"Ha ha ha ha iron grandmaster did not see you wrong! Go and get your identity token back. "A burly old man laughed.
The old man didn’t wait for his disciple Shi Tie to come back, but he left his own team and walked straight to Ming Jianzong’s side. He was a fairy and walked with his hands full, and no one dared to stand in front of him.
"Long time no see, Zuo Daoyou!"
"Jin Daoyou"
The old man surnamed Jin looked straight at Xiao and asked, "This little guy just wounded my family outside Feixia Valley, didn’t he?" Did you just hand in a blank paper? Oh, no, at last, I seem to have written something in a hurry. How long will it take before I get promoted to J and NG? It’s not too much for you to bite the bullet, is it? How many points can you get even if you write something casually and hand it in? One point? Two points? So many outsiders are watching, and it’s not too much to lose 27 of us, is it? "
The words of the old man surnamed Jin ignited the anger of all the people who knew the peak. Xiao Wen couldn’t help but stare at the old man’s mouth and asked, "Is this elder Hong Daneng in bed?" It’s a pity that we didn’t have a chance to learn from each other later. I’m a true fairy now … "
The old man surnamed Jin snorted and said, "If you can get three points, you’d better go home early!"
At this moment, Wu Qujiang, an upright old man, finally put Xiao Wen’s examination paper and identity token back on the table, so he listened to the crowd as if stuttering. I don’t know how many people yelled out "Ming Jian Zong Xiao Wen asked ten … ten … ten? ! ! !”
Then Xiao Wen said that he was so crazy that many people would never forget his words for a generation. Seeing him looking at the old man named Jin said, "Why don’t you let everyone go home if they can score ten points?"
His sentence is to get rid of everyone and leave him alone …
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Than again
"Very? Roots are impossible! They must be mistaken! !” The old man named Jin is ashamed and angry.
"Jin Daoyou you won’t be better than the 27 examiners combined? All the contestants’ scores can be evaluated by 27 of them, and most of them agree to give me ten points. In other words, your disciple’s score is the same. "Before Zuo Ningqing, he was also a little angry with the old man named Jin. At this time, he was quite willing to stimulate the other party."
The old man surnamed Jin snorted but didn’t dare to really go to the stone stage to question the examiners. That was a real shame, so he angrily said, "It’s just a big luck. A small first-class true fairy is bound to scamper around in such a grand event for a long time!"
With that, the old man surnamed Jin left. As a result, Xiao Wen didn’t forget to shout at the old man’s back, "Then please wipe your eyes."
Xiao Wen is getting more and more integrated into his present identity. He is not afraid of a monk even if the other person comes from a clan stronger than Ming Jianzong!
However, it is not easy for a true fairy to have this obedience and pride when facing the fairy. Generally, a true fairy may not dare to talk to the old man named Jin, but Xiao asked that this performance turned out to be won by the vast majority of people around him. After the old man named Jin left despondently, those people all voted for him with admiration and even nodded.
At this time, Taiwan finally announced the results of all the 27 younger brothers, with a total of three points and no score of ten! There is no doubt that Xiao Wen’s ten points is the only highest score in this ri competition!
The tower suddenly sounded the sound of the old man Wu Qujiang’s voice, "Today, the competition is over, and the younger brothers will immediately retrieve the identity token and temporarily stay at the table arch to copy it."
This is obviously another accident. The contestants’ answers are actually released to the public for the observers to copy casually!
As soon as the crowd started to get noisy, those small clan masters still had scattered repairs, which made them happy. After copying these things back, they could immediately forge immortal devices according to law, which is definitely better than their own level of blind refining!
Xiao asked before getting back the identity token, but did not intend to leave immediately, but left to clear the way, "Master, I want to see other people’s papers again."
"Well, you stay here and take your time. Your brother and sister will go back first."
For those fairies, there is really nothing to see about these real fairies. If you understand them, you will know that Zuo Ningqing took people to the place. As a result, they all flew halfway. She could still hear her brothers and grandchildren talking excitedly about Xiao’s question. Obviously, this matter was greatly out of their expectation and gave them a long face. You know that Ming Jianfeng only got seven points!
Xiao asked Yu Huaping and Nan Yunqing moved slowly together in the crowd and looked at the papers one by one.
After reading seven copies, Xiao Wen has got a general idea of the level of this group of contestants, and his confidence has soared, knowing that it is not a fluke that he scored very well!