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Zhenyuan has a good personal relationship with Zhenyuan. Because of the quantity, Hongjun is also kind to Zhenyuan. He nodded at Zhenyuan, and then said, "The mortal world, the celestial world and the celestial world have made the whole universe more orderly, and everything has rules. You who are in great power should not make moves that endanger the universe."

Speaking of this, Hung-jun looked at a group of quasi-saints: "I want to be orthodox after considering you, so that your own skills can be inherited. I allow you to send a brother with strength in Jin Xian to be stationed in the mortal world, but they are not allowed to intervene in the mortal world, allowing the Tao to be specific. It’s up to you to discuss it yourself, and the development depends on your respective skills and details."
When the quasi-saints heard Hung-chun’s words, they were very unwilling to be the king of free and unfettered mountains on the mainland, but at the moment they were bound, and their hearts were very unhappy. But when people were on the eaves, they had to bow their heads, but Hung-chun was so cruel, and they were given another way out. The Taoist Sect had disciples and grandchildren, which was also a sustenance.
It would be a pity for them to have the opportunity to teach a younger brother like Quantity, but they are wishful thinking, but they still can’t stop the slightly depressed and dreary atmosphere of their thoughts, which is relieved after everyone is the same.
When Hongjun gave everyone a buffer to think, he saw everyone stop thinking, looked up and said again, "Well, after a while, Zixiao Palace wants to leave the Taoist school to find the quantity, and let the quantity arrange for you to send Jin Xian to the mortal star field to remember that each of you can be on a planet."
At this point, Hung-jun turned to look at the vector and Hao Tian said, "Quantity, Hao Tian, you two can discharge more than a dozen Taiyi Jinxian and a big Luo Jinxian to sit in the mortal star field and monitor them. If they violate the rules, you can directly kill them. I hope you can do a good job of supervision." Hearing this, Hao Tian quickly got up and said, "Yes, master!"
Hung-jun nodded silently, and with a change of tone, he said, "All right, you all go back and get ready! When the ginger tooth is sealed, you can act! It’s time to quit the wilderness and set up their own Dojo, and it’s time to retire to the secluded world. Haotian and Zhenyuan also quickly sorted out a chaotic three realms. "
After that, Hung-jun sighed and turned to disappear in the main hall of Zixiao Palace. He sighed and floated in the whole hall. "Alas, there is a flood, which has become so unfair in heaven. It doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong. A god-sealed robbery has made the flood go backwards for many years, and a large number of monks have died. The flood can no longer bear the toss. I hope you are all happy!" The voice faded away.
When they heard Hung-jun sigh, their hearts were quite sad. One by one, they walked out of the wilderness in silence. Sanqing greeted everyone. Pointing to the great power of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, Zhenyuan and others, they said, "Ladies and gentlemen, in a hundred years’ time, you will all gather me, master Zun and two uncles to prepare for a sermon conference. Then, we will go to the chaotic Dojo. Come and watch the ceremony! Is our gift from the universe, how much you can understand, depends on your own. "
Hearing the measured words, all the quasi-saints and the Asian saints bowed down and said, "Thank you for measuring the sword, and we will gather in the measuring mountain in a hundred years." After listening to the measured words, they nodded and said, "So we will leave now. After a hundred years, we will see you again, and all interested Taoist circles will be sent to Jin Xian to bring them, and I will send them to the border." Everyone bowed down again and met together in the wilderness.
When the universe was broken, they all hugged their respective abode of fairies and immortals, and also blessed Fiona Fang’s universe creatures, who had just changed their merits from heaven and rewarded them with the amount of help. Sanqing and Been got a lot of merits, and the amount once again waved away his merits.
All the people who received the merits and honors were slightly less depressed. Although this merit is not many, it also comforted their hearts injured in Zixiao Palace. At this moment, the amount of Sanqing, Houdi and Haotian disappeared in Zixiao Palace and Taoist Hongjun reappeared.
There were no outsiders at the moment, and Hung-chun never concealed his joy in his heart. He said, "Quantity, he did a good job this time, and he can never turn over again. Buddhism was also devastated this time. After the tooth was sealed, this time, his fortune was ruined and his merits came together. I also completely mastered the power of heaven in the wild, and the remaining 20% is still in the hands of heaven, and heaven has become a climate."
Speaking of which, Hongjun’s original excited God Se suddenly solidified, and the whole body was not talking. People felt that somehow, a vow ran through the whole river of destiny, and the fate of Buddhism was not falling, and there was a slight rebound. At the same time, the opportunity of Buddhism disappearing due to failure also appeared here.
This, hung-jun and the amount of people together revealed the incomprehensible God Se, but it didn’t take long for hung-jun to suddenly show a hint of knowing God Se. He got feedback from heaven, and he couldn’t help but be shocked by the decisiveness of heaven. Because of heaven, he decisively gave up ten percent of heaven control to make it ten percent of heaven control, in exchange for no more loss of Buddhist luck, in exchange for a little chance of Buddhism Daxing.
At the same time, the amount and others learned the truth. Six people were decisive about Heaven, and their hearts were full of admiration. At the same time, they also secretly expressed their concern about the Heaven. This time, it was so cruel that I didn’t know what earth-shattering event to make. At this time, I thought of his arrangement of dark chess, but I was not worried about it, but I still vaguely expected it.
Quantity didn’t say what he wanted to say, and Hung-chun didn’t say anything about it, so he waved them to retreat from Bai Hongjun’s mood, and all of them silently withdrew from Zixiao Palace Hall. Heaven left first, and there were many things in heaven to watch Heaven disappear. Quantity and been left to Sanqing, and the two met and flew to the mountain.
Sanqing then flew to their respective abode of fairies and immortals, and it was time for the three religions to get together, especially when the gods finally closed their hands, and the old harmony was still to be continued. If you like this one, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets.
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Chapter 19 Zhou Wang thoughts out of the city to meet them.
Just when we were fighting against the Heavenly Mountain with the Second Sage of Buddhism, Jiang Ya, who led a group of brothers to explain the Second Sage, also passed the fifth, and the six generals were successfully killed all the way to Chaoge City. A large number of unruly monks came to stop the flood, and many talented people were numerous. Many brothers to explain the Second Sage also took precautions.
Many people have suffered from them. Fortunately, although the heresy is strange, it can be explained that all the younger brothers are small masters. Although they are in a hurry, they are not in danger. At this moment, Jiang Ya and Ji Fa, the king of martial arts, led the generals to the city to prepare for the last battle.
In Chaoge City, Zhou Wang, the main character, didn’t have a trace of panic. He sat in the main hall, looking at Fang’s noisy ministers, his brow wrinkled, his face sank, and his mouth sank and he shouted, "All right, that’s enough! Don’t make any noise. Come out with me and see Ji Fa, the king of Wu, and Jiang Ya, the minister of Nengchen! "
Say that finish, Zhou Wang first went out and looked at each other in the hall, eyes full of surprise, this Zhou Wang should have such a state of mind, don’t wine se didn’t pay him for so many years? But no matter if people are confused, or they walk away after them, they also want to see who Ji Fa is!
Out of the hall, Zhou Wang waved and stopped to carry the jade out, and ordered, "Bring me the heavenly sword and bring me the BMW at the same time." Hearing Zhou Wang’s orders, the guards quickly turned to get it. A long scream came in the distance, and a horse shadow flashed in the distance, and soon they came to Zhou Wang’s side.
Zhou Wang looked at the BMW in front of him, and his eyes shed a little love for this horse with dark hair, tall and strong hair and a unicorn on his head. When Zhou Wang was not enthroned, he recovered a mount for many years when he went to the north to play. I didn’t expect this beast to know himself.
At this time, a flurry of footsteps sounded from behind, and a bodyguard came running with a gorgeous sword in his hand. The bodyguard saw the animals beside Zhou Wang, and his face was anxious and his mood was slightly loose. He quickly offered his sword in his hand, Zhou Wang stretched out his hand and grabbed it around his waist. He jumped into the animals slightly, his feet knocked, the animals screamed, and he ran forward with Zhou Wang.
On the side of the Shang Dynasty veteran, Se blurred his eyes and looked at galloping Zhou Wang. He vaguely saw the martial arts champion Shou Wang’s heart andao: "At that time, Shou Wang Dian was so high-spirited." But at the thought of Zhou Wang now, he couldn’t help but shake his head and throw out the silk throbbing in his heart. He turned and boarded the long-awaited carriage and chased Zhou Wang.
Zhou Wang sat in an animal, his face full of reminiscence, feeling the breeze blowing on his cheeks. His mind was full of thoughts. He thought of his martial arts in Shouwangfu for a while, his original ginger queen and his two sons, and his father died of illness. The scenes happened in his mind. With thoughts, Zhou Wang’s face flashed a trace of warmth from time to time
Zhou Wang was deep in thought, but the animals were still walking forward. At this moment, they were already out of the palace, walking in the street. The guards of the palace were dutiful and loyal. Behind the guards, they heard the news and went out of the house to sing songs. The people looked at Zhou Wang, riding on the animals, and their faces showed a little disgust
At this moment, although Zhou Wang, a whispering person, was dizzy, he was still in Zhou Wang with high skill, which was not a joke. When he was still in san huang, his father hosted a banquet for all the ministers in the back garden of the palace, but a girder in the hall suddenly collapsed, and Zhou Wang grabbed it with one hand, and the other hand took over the new girder, which showed that Zhou Wang was brave and not joking.
Although far apart, he still heard this whisper sinking into his thoughts. Zhou Wang woke up with a start, and his thoughts were disturbed. He couldn’t help but look up at the front. One hundred meters away from him, two middle-aged people, one fat and one thin, were discussing low.
On the left, the middle-aged fat man looked at the slightly thinner middle-aged man next to him and said, "I heard that Ji Fa, the Lord of Xiqiao, has come to Chaoge City with a benevolent teacher, and I also heard that this Xiqiao is governed by Ji Fa, the king of Wuqi, and people are not worried that everyone will have enough to eat this time. The arrival of Xiqiao Lord has saved the residents of Chaoge, and Zhou Wang, the bad king, has come to an end." Say that finish, the excited face Se reveals a little happiness.
As soon as the fat man’s voice fell, the emaciated middle-aged man next to him put his hand over his mouth and carefully looked around. When he saw that the human face Se around him had not changed, he let out a long sigh of relief, saying, "Be small, you are not desperate. Look, Zhou Wang and all the ministers are coming. If they hear you, how many lives will you have to live!" Hearing this, the man quickly shut up and glanced around in panic.
When Zhou Wang heard this, he couldn’t help thinking about what he had done to himself over the years. He knew it well, but he didn’t expect that things would get so bad. God, he had become so unbearable in the eyes of his people. Now that he heard the two words, Zhou Wang deliberately arrested them, but he thought about it and then forgot.
With a complicated mood, Zhou Wang walked through the street full of hatred eyes with a kind of civil and military attitude, and came to the city wall of Chaoge. Seeing the arrival of Zhou Wang, Buddhist Shen Gongbao quickly greeted Zhou Wang and said, "I have seen you, the king of Wu outside the city and Jiang Ya called me to fight, but I still hope you will make a decision."
Zhou Wang smell speech nodded silently, bypassing Shen Gongbao to step up to the gate building. He looked at the Xiqiao Army not far away from Fang on high, and listened to Fang’s provocative words. The whole person silently said that his eyes swept the Xiqiao Army not far away, and Zhou Wang could not help but applaud the whole Xiqiao Army neatly and without losing discipline. Every general in front of the army was also heroic.
Magnificent momentum, Zhou Wang felt clearly in the city gate. He turned to look at the Guards, and his eyes showed a trace of satisfaction. This Guards was developed by the pro-guards of his Shouwangfu. Throughout the Shang Dynasty, he could directly command and trust the army, that is, the tens of thousands of Guards. They were the training troops that he personally selected and flooded, and they were his trump cards.
At the moment, he watched Zhou Wang, the Xiqiao Army, whose momentum was like a rainbow, and his blood gas was aroused when he disappeared. He shouted to a group of guards: "Dear friends, you can see that Fang Xiqiao Army trained J Ο ng sharp with my own hands. Today, I will lead you to wave the J Ο ng sharp of Xiqiao Army. I want to see if you are strong or Xiqiao Army is tough." Speaking of this, Zhou Wang asked: "How dare you!"
Hearing Shouwang’s words, tens of thousands of guards blushed and shouted, "Dare! Dare! Dare! " Tens of thousands of people roared all around, attracting the eyes of Fiona Fang Sanli to Zhou Wang with a smile. Listening to these three drinks, the whole person could no longer hold back his excitement and couldn’t help laughing: "Ha ha! Then you will come with me to meet Ji Fa, the king of Wu. "Say that finish, wave your hand and say," Follow me. "
At the sound of his voice, Zhou Wang turned to the gate and came to the side of the mount animal. As soon as he jumped on the body of the animal, the guards also shouted, "Hit the gate." With his voice, the gate creaked and slowly opened, taking the lead in driving the animal, leading forward to the guards and a number of military commanders followed closely.
Drinking at Chaoge City, the first time I arrived at Xiqiao Barracks. In front of the large array, King Wu Ji Fa and Jiang Ya looked at the direction of Chaoge. His face was full of doubts. King Wu Ji Fa could not help but ask Jiang Ya, "Father, do you know what happened in this Chaoge City! "Jiang Ya heard this and said," Your Majesty, wait a moment, I’ll count on my fingers. "After that, he silently counted his luck.
Soon, just what happened in Chaoge City flashed Jiang Ya’s eyes one by one. When he saw Zhou Wang’s changes and performance, his face showed a little surprise. When he saw the Xure Guards, his face showed a little thick, because he saw from the Guards that there were real bloody troops to be murderous and ShaQi, so J and NG Rui worshipped Zhou Wang so much. This is an unexpected surprise!
Understand the truth, Jiang Ya slowly calmed down his body mana and explained the call to Ji Fa. At the same time, he said, "Your Majesty, Zhou Wang has left the city with his guards, and we should fight. We should take out Xiqi’s momentum and strength and smash Zhou Wang’s pride with an absolutely strong gesture." King Wu heard this and said, "It’s up to you, Father!"
After listening to this, Jiang Ya turned to the back and exclaim, "People listen to your orders, and the array is ready to meet the enemy." With Jiang Ya’s voice, he had already jumped over to test the generals of Xiqiao, and quickly ordered all the soldiers to complete the array. They went to the front of the large array, tidied up their clothes and secretly raised their momentum to the top.
Feeling the change of the Lord, Fang Yi’s foot soldiers also received traction, and all of them involuntarily released their murderous look. At the same time, the pride and self-confidence in their hearts could not help but erupt, and the Xiqiao Army, which had strong morale, reached its peak at this moment. The whole Xiqiao Army was like a drawn sword, leaping around and trying to cut at those potential enemies at any time.
At this moment, there was a heavy rumbling sound and a dull thunder at the gate of Chaoge City. At the same time, it was accompanied by a burst of sound like rapid rain. An army rushed out of the gate of Chaoge City. First, a man was wearing golden Se dragon armor and riding a unicorn with a long head and a gorgeous sword around his waist. His face was majestic, but his pale face Se showed that his body had been eroded by wine Se.
When Xiqiao’s generals and foot soldiers saw this, they condensed in the virtual momentum as if they had found an outlet. They turned into a giant sword, carrying the general posture of rushing thunder, and ruthlessly chopped off the guards who rushed to the Chaoge. To be continued, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets.
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Chapter ninetieth God’s final battle
The imposing manner is the most abstruse, whether it is ordinary creatures or great magical powers. The imposing manner is strong or weak. Zhou Wang and a group of guards feel that the shocking imposing manner is not weak. They gather their own imposing manner to meet the contradictions, and there is a muffled sound. A air billow sweeps around.
Compared with the strength of Zhou Wang’s troops, the competition was also deadlocked and suppressed. At this time, Zhou Wang had lined up in front of Xiqiao’s army to ease the decline. He urged the animals to move forward a few steps toward the opposite side and shouted "Ji Fa and Jiang Shang come to see me quickly". As he shouted, the rolling waves swept to Xiqiao’s army.
In front of the captain, Ji Fa and Jiang Tooth smell speech looked at each other, suggesting that Jiang Tooth was deliberately one step behind Ji Fa, showing Ji Fa’s status. Jiang Tooth moved Ji Fa in his eyes, showing his gratitude and heart in making respect for Jiang Tooth’s movement and consciousness.
Two people suggesting hip mount forward a few steps with Zhou Wang in the eye Zhou Wang watching out, two people can’t help secretly a lot of ginger teeth, he has seen more than a few years ago, he is still the same as the old crane crown, and the only change is the original ethereal and carefree fairy temperament, which is now miserable and mixed with the temperament of people in high positions. The whole person looks more dignified and makes people inadvertently admire.
And Ji Fa Zhou Wang, a young man beside Jiangya, couldn’t help cheering secretly. Although he is in his twenties, his magnificent bearing, self-confidence and handsome face and slender figure set off a golden armor that fits him in one suit, revealing a aura and reassuring temperament.
Zhou Wang waved his mind and thought to drink, "Ji Fa and Jiang Shang, I ask myself that it is good for you two, but you two want to rebel. I hope you two can wake up and confess your sins. I will let bygones be bygones. I Zhou Wang said that I will let you admit your mistakes and confess your sins. I will spare you and let you go back to Xiqiao to continue to be your Xiqiao Lord."
Ginger teeth, Ji Fa smell speech with an incredible look at Zhou Wang’s eyes full of surprise and pity. This Zhou Wang is still clinging to the glory of the past. Now it’s not whether he can hold our responsibilities, but whether he can hold the city of Chaoge and save his life. At the same time, a word flashed in their hearts, "Is Zhou Wang stimulated to ask such a low-level question?"
Ginger teeth take the lead to react. He looked at Zhou Wang’s face with a pity. He opened his mouth and said, "Zhou Wang, after you favored the demon, da ji killed Queen Jiang and a number of concubines in the harem. It’s better than molesting my wife, making me centrifugal, leaving you close to treacherous officials, killing loyal ministers, killing the Shang Dynasty veteran ministers by you, and killing your uncles by your hand."
"You built a deer platform, branded it, destroyed Zhongliang, built a wine pool, and built a meat forest. You played with it, wasting people and money, and how much loyalty you will have. You didn’t reflect on your mistakes, but you said such words. Now you still don’t reflect on you. Look around you. This prosperous and powerful Shang Dynasty has become like this in your hands. People around the capital are not full of food and clothes, so you have the face to say this." Jiang Ya couldn’t help but drink loudly because of shortness of breath.
Zhou Wang smell speech in the eyes of a dim, he also white his own mistakes, but the dignity of being a monarch and a king made him unable to admit his mistake. He stubbornly said, "All this is not the reason for your rebellion. I am a monarch, and your rebellion is just wrong. Today, I use my personal expedition to make you white. I still have the final say."
After that, Zhou Wang "choked" and pulled out the heavenly sword with a wave of his hand and shouted, "The Guards listened to me and killed the traitor in front of me!" When the voice fell, the legs were clipped, and the animals in the abdomen were eating pain, and a black shadow rushed to the Xiqiao Army. After seeing the charge, the guards were encouraged by the momentum in Zhou Wang and led by their respective leaders to drink a "kill!" Followed Zhou Wang to Xiqi Army.
Ji Fa looked at him and rushed to Zhou Wang. He glanced at Jiang Ya and turned to the department to exclaim, "Xiqiao athletes will meet with Zhou Wang Xiqiao guards with me. You will show them your strongest side, let them see the majesty of Xiqiao Army, and let them know how mighty our Xiqiao Army is." Say that finish a waist sword and point to the front and drink a "Xiqiao Army will charge with me."
With the drink of Ji Fa, a flash of light flashed to Zhou Wang, and the Xiqiao Army had already lined up. The armies of both sides led by their respective commanders and accompanied by Ji Fa were like two black torrents slamming together. The first contact was Zhou Wang and King Wu Ji Fa.
"Ding" one or two swords collided, and a crisp sword sounded and sparks flashed in the middle of the battlefield. As the two men fought, the troops behind them also strangled together. Ding! Ding! Ding! The sword is ringing, and I keep thinking about it on the battlefield. Poof! Poof! Poof! Sharp weapon into the body "poop-poop" is endless! Ah! Ah! Screams and gasps of animals filled the messy battlefield.
Ji Fa worships Jiang Ya, the father of Jiang Ya, and his skill of strengthening the body has been constantly practiced over the years, which has made his fighting capacity stronger and stronger. In addition, the fighting capacity has doubled with those guards and battlefield masters, and at the same time, he has an understanding of murderous look and cruelty on the battlefield, and he does not fight for life and death. His first general, Nan Gong Shi, may not be his opponent.
Zhou Wang can’t be underestimated. Even if he hasn’t started work for many years, the emperor is still there, but in recent years, he has been drinking, drinking and indulging, even in his strong strength. Ji Fa has not had any experience in life-and-death struggle, and he is somewhat lacking. At the moment, he is evenly matched with Zhou Wang.
The general of the hand and the commander of the Guards also kept fighting. Sergeant Xiqiao and the Guards also played inextricably. At the periphery, Jiang Ya looked at the stalemate battlefield. He didn’t move a bit, and the second brother was watching behind him. The eyes of the bloody battlefield flashed a light from time to time.
At this time, when the four generations of brothers of Xuanmen were away, they were just in the middle of the mountain. After these years of exercise, everyone’s mentality has changed from the inside out. Everyone’s personality is calm and imposing. Some of them are sharp-edged and murderous, but now they are all naked. The unparalleled weapon is not suitable and sends out a crisis that people can’t ignore.
But no matter how it changes, it still can’t change the eagerness to fight. They put their burning eyes on Jiang Tooth’s face. Jiang Tooth also felt the eagerness to fight, but he didn’t approve it. Because Zhou Wang and the Guards were not enough, the steel was in the blade. Besides, they were all ordinary Terran soldiers. He was also embarrassed to let them bully the small.