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Xuanyu took water and let RuXiaoNan wash her mouth.

Ru Xiaonan opened her mouth wide and looked into her mouth and saw that one of her front teeth was missing, and the other one was crumbling.
"Did you change your baby teeth?" Blue ink Yan stretched out a finger and gently touched another front tooth to fall.
Ru Xiaonan looked at the eyes of deciduous teeth falling in the palm of Qing Mo Yan’s palm.
Most children change their teeth at the age of six. She is only four or five years old now.
Don’t … What’s wrong with her body?
In my mind, I flashed all kinds of Korean dramas.
A terminally ill person will never have teeth … She will eventually die of hunger …
Blue ink Yan is very calm. He looks at Xuanyu "to find the medical director and hate him."
Xuanyu will soon find Long Hate.
When I entered the room, I saw a child sitting in the arms of Qing Mo Yan. Qing Mo Yan was trying to persuade each other to eat again with chopsticks in one hand.
The child shook his head while covering his mouth.
"Shao Qing" long hate to come to Jianli.
Blue ink yan this just put chopsticks "you come and help the child have a look"
See what?
Long hate to go to the front and sit in the blue ink Yan leg child turned to a pair of emerald green eyes breathtaking.
Long hate froze.
"This child is …"
Blue ink yan saw eye at the door XuanYu XuanYu understanding horse turned and went out.
Green ink Yan does not believe in Xuanyu, but Xuanyu is careless and might as well not let him know.
"You look at her teeth" green ink yan pull RuXiaoNan forced her to open her mouth.
Long hate leaned in and looked at RuXiaoNan mouth carefully.
"This is a deciduous tooth."
Blue ink yan stared at long hate as if waiting for each other and then said.
Long hate frowning "supposedly she shouldn’t change her teeth at this age."
RuXiaoNan blinked by long hate to pull her arm in the past and pressed her pulse door.
Long hate cocked his head "yi"
Qing Moyan stared at Long Hate’s eyes tightly. "What’s the problem?"
"Strange pulse condition" Long hate and explored RuXiaoNan’s other pulse door "I have never seen such a strange pulse condition"
Green ink facial expression "What’s the problem?"
Long hate shook his head "don’t pour is normal is the pulse condition …"
Qing Moyan chuckled, "Haven’t you found out yet?"
Long hate leng don’t understand look at the blue ink yan.
Qing Mo Yan’s face is rarely soft. "Look at her eyes, don’t you guess something?"
Long hate once again look at the girl across the eyes suddenly "ah" a "is she that …"
"She is the fragrant raccoon dog." Green ink Yan touched Ru Xiaonan’s little head, and her hair was stained with light musk, which always made him feel a sense of peace of mind.
I hate being surprised for a long time, but I can’t come back.
"There are such things as adults? Tail also didn’t how is it possible … And ears … "