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Xiaoqi is curious. Is it urgent to urinate or cover your nose?

It is said that how Lan Chen opens his mouth now is a rude cough … Although it is not rude, how to listen to it from Lan Chen’s mouth is awkward.
It’s too late for Blue Morning to eat three bowls of dinner table and half the dishes. He brought the black girl to his stomach. The pot of chicken stewed mushrooms didn’t even fall to the ground to eat soup. lost face looked at Xiaoqi and Blue Morning had a feud with the little hen. Now he wants to eat it and chew its bones.
However, Xiao Qi, a voracious eater, took a glance to quickly melt the rice jar.
After dinner, Teacher Wang came to visit Xiaoqi in the village. He was too busy to go to school to teach children. He was very happy to see the gentle and elegant teacher Wang Xiaoqi, and it was also thanks to the person who came forward. At this moment, Xiaoqi burned a pot of good tea and took cigarettes, melons and other things to entertain him.
Xiaoqi doesn’t drink tea herself, but tea is necessary for entertaining guests. Xiaoqi also brought some back to town.
Lan Chen pulled a long face and sat on the stove where the fire was burning. Xiaoqi and Teacher Wang sat at the table not far from the stove and chatted happily. The weather came from time to time and they laughed happily.
Xiaoqi also asked about Zhu’s study and whether the children he sent to the children liked stationery and whether writing was enough. Lan Chen pretended to be careless but quietly stretched his ears.
In view of the fact that someone had a bad record while he was abroad, now a young master is like a hunting dog, and he can smell a strange smell when a man appears around Xiaoqi.
Watch! !
It’s hard to wait for someone to leave. Lan Chen breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t want Miss Wang to leave with her front foot, and the black sister came again with a fragrant food taken late at night.
Do you want to bite someone? to be continued
Chapter three hundred and forty-five Master, borrow money!
It’s all right for this ugly woman to come by herself, even with Aunt Wang.
Receiving the warning in Xiao Qi’s eyes, Lan Chen reluctantly sat back, but his face was longer.
Xiaoqi looked at a hot woman and wanted to cry. The black sister didn’t seem to expect that her mother was also taboo in the outside world, saying that her ass was big and her junior was holding the BRICS at the moment, and the more she listened to her face, the more stiff she became.
I went here to set it up, which is the blind date rhythm!
Xiaoqi and Heimei, the two people who are in charge, haven’t moved yet. Some people can’t watch it.
Lan Chen suddenly came too hard together □ a = ns ≧ ?? brought all the wooden benches to the ground, and the sound of "dong" startled Aunt Wang, who was so excited.
"Why is this?"
When Aunt Wang exclaimed to see Lan Chen’s face turning black and coming towards her, she felt a panic. The child’s ghost was not fierce, as if she were going to skin her mother and daughter alive.
Lan Chen walked beside Xiaoqi with a calm face and jerked Xiaoqi out of the black sister’s side and strapped him into his arms. "Don’t call my Xiaoqi. He’s taken."
Xiao Qi stared at Lan Chen for a long time and didn’t refute it. Although Lan Chen’s method was wrong, it was also a direct rejection of the aunt’s mind, but this posture …
Being imprisoned by another man in his arms in front of strangers earned two, but Xiao Qi’s face turned red. Although he is an uncle in mental age, he has not yet cultivated into a blue morning.
Looking at the aunt and the black sister, Xiao Qi made a fierce counterattack in the dark. Lan Chen ate pain and let go. Xiao Qi took the opportunity to break free. Although he said that Lan Chen liked to joke since he was a child, he did have someone in his heart.
Aunt Wang, after all, came over to hear this, but when she looked at her little daughter’s big ass, she couldn’t help sighing. What a good ass! It’s definitely not a problem to hug her for three years!
Black sister, after all, is a big girl with a red face who dragged her mother out of the yard and returned to Xiaoqi. Today, my mother drank too much rice wine and told Xiaoqi not to mind.
Xiaoqi touches his nose. He doesn’t mind, but someone seems to mind very much.
Sure enough, Xiao Qiyi turned around and saw Lan Chen’s wolf-like eyes glowing with nothing, which was very miserable.
"You … what are you doing?" Xiaoqi consciously took a step back.
What else does Xiaoqi want to say? It’s a pity that his mouth has been blocked by Lanchen. Xiaoqi’s sentence "I have a crush on someone and I love him very much" directly pokes at the G point of Lanchen. Of course, Xiaoqi said in the blue gentleman’s heart that there would be no one else but Lanchen.
Xiaoqi was kissed dizzy. Blue morning kissing is very overbearing. Relatively speaking, blue morning kissing skills are pitiful. At this moment, it is even more skillful to kiss. It is to follow the most primitive desire and enjoy hunting.
Lan Chen’s strength is great. Qi thinks that he is not a man with a hand tied to a chicken, but he really can’t earn it for a while. Lan Chen holds Xiao Qi’s waist with one hand and fixes the back of his head with the other. He kisses Xiao Qi with both hands, slaps his mouth in a paste and whines. If he goes like this again, he will die …
It took a long time for Lan Chencai to let go of Xiaoqi, and when Xiaoqi was kissed, his lips were swollen and his brain bowed his head and wanted to contain it.
Xiaoqi didn’t even think about punching him in the past and doing it again. If the others are killed, it’s better to chop this unrestrained gentleman now.
Lan Chen was beaten and didn’t get angry. He turned his head and smirked again.
Xiaoqi was so angry that she vomited blood, threw her sleeves back to her room and threw out the blue morning straw mat and thin quilt, which meant nothing. Don’t think about his bed tonight.
Lan Chen touched his lips wet by Tianjin night and smiled like a thief …
The next day, Xiaoqi still woke up in the blue morning, which has become a fixed pattern.
Black sister didn’t even say hello. She went back to the town class early in the morning and heard from the aunt that black sister worked as a physical education teacher in a middle school in the town with a good salary and was highly valued by the school.
As soon as someone walks away, his face will smile, and the construction industry is in full swing to step up the construction of a busy image.
Today is the medical class of Xiaoqi. After breakfast, Lan Chen followed Xiaoqi closely and went to the construction site.
Now Lan Chen is wearing a hat on his head and Xiaoqizhen bought him a pair of fake Anta sneakers with poor quality. The clothes are not easy to fade, not to mention that they start to fluff without washing for several times, and they are not wear-resistant.
Lan Chen gave away the only few hundred dollars to buy a hot water kettle, and Xiao Qi finally gave it away as a favor. Now he is afraid that he is short of money. Xiao Qi asked him to go to the grocery store to buy a bottle of soy sauce, and he couldn’t even get the money. The salary in the construction site is 1 yuan for every hour of daily work, and even if he works overtime for more than 10 hours, he will be 1 yuan for every hour.
Although Lan Chen has a command title, no one really dares to pay him. He also knows that he is just a figurehead, and he won’t ask for it. Isn’t there a wife to raise? You can’t ask her to buy soy sauce. So Mr. Lan came to the construction site as a coolie’s salary day … It’s quite suitable!
But I hate to itch when I think of Lohan and Ali last night.
Here’s the thing.
It is really forced by the cash-strapped blue morning that Xiaoqi gets up like a thief after falling asleep and doesn’t forget to tuck him in.
Go to Luohan Ali’s hiding place in the dark.
"What? Don’t borrow it !” Blue morning gas extremely roars out.