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I am evil.
Almost Nuo Nuo Jr. will …
Fortunately, I stopped writing. Fortunately! !
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By the way, don’t read the message. There’s something to say ◆Deah◇≮ Memories once ≯.
"I’m sorry … I …" Long Ma didn’t know what to say. He almost made an unforgivable mistake, but he was more afraid that this time it would make him and Enoch pull further.
Let go of your hand and make a fist. What happened to you just now! Regret bit his lip and blood flowed down the corners of his mouth, which was extremely enchanting.
"I’ll go out to sleep," said the dragon horse, looking down at Enoch and crying a little red, his eyes hoarse.
"….." Enoch didn’t speak, but grabbed his conditional launch. Even she frowned in vain. Now it’s dangerous for the dragon and the horse to go out bleeding. Maybe Lantang has woken up. If you go out rashly, it’s easy for Lantang to suck blood.
"Enoch …" Don’t understand looking at Enoch. Shouldn’t she hate herself now? Why hold yourself back?
"Just when you were sleepwalking now give me an honest sleep! God, you have to learn! " Enoch said these words and then lay with his back to the dragon horse, unable to see her face at the moment.
The dragon horse pulled a slightly ugly smile that was even more ugly than crying. She just didn’t blame herself for talking like this, but why did she make herself feel heartbroken?
Forget it. She doesn’t blame herself anymore.
Lying next to Enoch again, I said faintly, "Sister … I’m sorry!"
"Well …" Enoch sound tired with closed eyes should be a deep sleep in the past.
The dragon saw that Enoch was gradually silent and closed his eyes.
It was at the moment when the dragon and horse closed that Enoch suddenly opened his tears, and the water burst its banks and could not stop wetting half of her skirt.
What should we do? What should she do?
Hold yourself tight. Fragments come to mind like a movie.
"When my sister grows up, will Mumu marry her sister?"
"Kid, wait for you to grow up!"
"Then let’s hook …"
"Ah …"
He was five and she was six that year …
"Elder sister! Don’t let those boys around you later! "
"It’s an eyesore!"
He was fourteen and she was fifteen that year …
"Elder sister! Be careful! "
"Elder sister … hehe … it seems that I can’t marry you later … ahem!"
"Mumu, don’t talk. The ambulance will come soon!"
"No elder sister! Enoch … Can you just say’ I love you’ to me … "
"Mywood …"
"Call me Imu!"
"Yimu I … I love you!"
"Elder sister, thank you once. I don’t want to be your brother …"
"Yimu! !”
She was sixteen that year and he was fifteen forever …