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"Gee … it seems that someone’s fantasy is ruined." Lan Lin did not know when he appeared behind the red rain. Looking at the red rain with a comfortable face was quite interesting.

"Smelly Lanlin, why don’t you stop the princess from going alone in case of danger!" Red rain mercilessly stared LanLin one eye.
Lan Lin touched his nose. He seems to have been shot while lying down, but is she worried about the princess or wants to see Yun Xuan?
"And I can’t go, I can’t see Yun Xuan’s brother." Hongyu whispered a sad face.
LanLin look dark dark not from the heart with a fidgety.
"Even if you go, it’s also a trouble for Wang Fei. Now the strength doesn’t need you to protect her, so mind your own business." Said the head and won’t leave.
Red rain is dazed. Looking at leaving Lanlin, there are still some reactions. What the hell? Even if she can’t protect the princess, she has a care all the way. How can she hear an angry tone in Lanlin’s words?
"hey! You ….. "Red rain wanted to refute, but LanLin had already disappeared in her sight, and she stamped her feet in anger. She didn’t say anything wrong. Why are you so mean to her?
"Smell blue forest and die blue forest!" One second before it’s okay, the next second after it’s okay, Hong Yu turns around angrily and pulls it aside to plant a flower. Think of it as Lanlin touching, tearing, crushing and ravaging!
Pei Wennuan walked in Fengdu Street. At this time, the street was sparsely populated. Perhaps it was because of the black snake. Everyone tried to hide at home and didn’t go out. The appearance of evil spirits a few days ago caused great panic in the hearts of the people. Now there are not many people in this continent who can walk on the road as indifferently as Pei Wennuan.
The smell of war did not extend to Fengdu, but there was still a sense of tension in the air.
Pei warm heart thinking MengMeng and group should be to complete her account by the way to enhance feelings, and I don’t know the completion progress.
Less in Fengdu, she can feel the evil is very thin.
"Princess, I have feelings for the Lord." Suddenly, several men dressed in black appeared from all around, which seemed quite offensive to Pei Nuan.
"Your cabinet master? Who is it? " Pei Nuan Nun Cu frowned in her mind and thought for sure that she didn’t know anyone in Fengdu, but in front of her, these people were able to know who she really was.
"The princess will know when she goes." The man made an invitation gesture.
Pei’s warm look didn’t panic. She wanted to see whether the Lord of the cabinet in these black people was sacred.
"Lead the way," said Pei Nuan indifferently. She firmly believed that the other party didn’t mean to harm her, or she would have done it long ago. Besides, it’s not enough for these people to want to hurt her.
"Princess, please come in."
Looking at the gate plaque, there are three golden characters written on it.
Pei warm light should be a heart secretly thinking dark machine cabinet? Is it to probe confidential information?
"Hey!" With a happy voice to frighten pei warm jump sister-in-law? I don’t think it’s called her.
I heard that I saw a handsome and fresh-looking man walking towards her in a hurry with a warm smile on his face.
Sister in law? Are you calling her? Pei Nuannuan wondered
"Sister-in-law, I finally met you." Yun Xuan was stunned when he saw Pei Nuan at the door. Before he saw Na Lanyunhua painting Pei Nuan’s portrait, he doubted whether there would really be such a beautiful woman in this world, but from the moment he saw Pei Nuan, he had to believe that Pei Nuan was even more beautiful than the portrait. Na LanYun Xuan quickly returned to his senses and smiled warmly. He still immediately said, "Sister-in-law, you don’t have to stand on ceremony when you come here quickly."
Yun Xuan hurriedly called Pei Nuan.
Pei warm and some slow but god "are you calling me? Who are you? " Pei looked at Nalan Yun Xuan warily. His expression just now fell into her eyes. Although he was stunned at first, he was glad that there was no other thought. Who is this person? She’s never seen her before. Does the other person know her?
He Yun Xuan froze and stared blankly for a moment, then immediately came over and patted his head in vain. "You see, I am so happy to see my sister-in-law that I didn’t introduce myself. I am Yun Xuan Nalan Yun Xuan."
He-Yun Xuan? Nalan Yunhua? Maybe … Pei Nuan’s mind suddenly flashed a light to connect this person’s former NaLanYunHua with the story he said. Maybe he is Princess De? His name is Nalan Yun Xuan?
"Are you Yunhua’s younger brother?" Pei looked at Nalan warmly and Yun Xuan looked closely at Nalan Yunhua. There were really three or four points like Nalan Yunhua, but Yun Xuan had a softer look like a white-faced niche.
"Yeah, I think I haven’t reminded my sister-in-law." Otherwise, she wouldn’t look like this when we first met. Yun Xuan was a little embarrassed and scratched his head. He shouldn’t have scared her sister-in-law just now, right?
Pei Wennuan also smiled a little embarrassed. "It’s not that he played against you, but I didn’t put people in the right place for the time being." Pei Wennuan inwardly lamented NaLanYunHua, who told him what he said at that time to keep it a secret, and he didn’t tell her what happened to Princess De’s daughter. Now she makes a fool of herself in front of Yun Xuan, and she doesn’t even know damn NaLanYunHua. Fortunately, she cleverly thought of what he had said.
Somewhere, NaLanYunHua sneezed and rubbed his nose. There was a flicker of doubt in his eyes. Did he catch a cold? But I’m healthy. It’s strange how I sneeze.
He Yun Xuan smiled gently and didn’t care too much about him. Everything Bai Na Lanyunhua did had his purpose. Maybe he didn’t tell Pei Nuan because he wanted to introduce himself, but he didn’t expect them to meet early.
"Sister-in-law, you are exactly the same as your brother’s portrait, and you are even more beautiful." Yun Xuan took Pei Nuan to the lobby and told people to come to tea. He was in a good mood and smiled with sincere praise
"Portrait?" Pei Nuannuan reveals doubts.
"Yes, when my sister-in-law accidentally fell off a cliff, I lived here for a while and drew a lot of portraits." Yun Xuan simply explained that it was very difficult for Pei to warm her heart and think of the scene of falling off a cliff when she disappeared.
"Ah, I won’t see the rest of the two countries until Sister-in-law’s Day. You must live here with peace of mind today. You must be on your way. I have already prepared the room for you." Yun Xuan said that the handsome face and smile were also very clear, which made Pei Wennuan feel that such a clean man should be ignorant of the world, but she heard those black people who invited her to come over and said that the owner of Yunxuange must be Yun Xuan, who was also a complicated person.
"How do you know?" Pei Nuan was surprised by Yunxuan’s news.
Yun Xuan clean face smile thick a few minutes "sister-in-law this secret cabinet but this day the most well-informed place what secret cabinet will not know"
Then Nalan Yun Xuan simply introduced a secret cabinet to Pei Nuan, but it shocked Pei Nuan. Was the secret cabinet actually made by Yun Hua? Yun Xuan did it for him? For the size of the secret cabinet, it also makes Pei warm and astounding.
I didn’t expect NaLanYunHua to have such great strength behind him.
Pei Nuan feels that this letter can make him get to know NaLanYunHua again.