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Although his name is not so good, he is a very good master of the Emei Sect, but his martial arts is really high. He doesn’t want to say surrender first. But after looking at the ice sculpture around him, he still spoke very unnaturally and said, "The leader actually followed the Heaven Society. With the Jiuyin Zhenjing, the strength of the Emei Sect can rise a lot. The Heaven Society is now in full swing, and many sects have lost their halberds. We are not ashamed to wait for the destruction of the Tangmen. The Emei Sect is the only one in Shu."

Jiang Yuyue said more and more smoothly, "If the sky will really unify the rivers and lakes, then it would be wise for us to take refuge in the sky, not only to protect the inheritance of the Emei Sect, but also to carry forward the Emei Sect, and then it will be a good day to be popular and spicy with the sky. Er, I mean, we can surrender. Hehehehehe."
Jiang Yu’s words made Ye Shuang couldn’t help laughing. Although many people in Kamikaze Hall here will fight back their smiles, there are still many people laughing.
However, as soon as Jiang Yu’s words came out, some younger brothers of the Emei Sect responded, especially those who followed him, and urged others. Although some people threatened to fight to the death with the sky, more and more younger brothers of the Emei Sect joined the ranks of defection.
After half a ring, I have been silent for a long time. I said, "I, the Lord of Zhuifeng Hall, Ye Shuang, the deputy hall, and I, the Emei Sect, surrender, but I have another condition besides your coming out of Jiuyin Zhenjing."
Hearing Miao Shu’s letting go of the leaf cream and chasing the wind was a great joy, and hurriedly said, "Please speak, Teacher."
"Please release two people who don’t want to surrender to Mount Emei, and don’t be persecuted" is a wonderful condition.
Ye Shuang and Zhuifeng and Chenfeng discussed it later.
"Chasing for the wind is a two-handed preparation." Ye Shuang first said, "If my day will be a complete failure in the future, those who have left the Emei Sect can find enough reasons and excuses to return to the noble and decent ranks."
Chasing the wind and the morning breeze are also white. Obviously, the wonderful intention is to make two preparations. If the sky will unify the rivers and lakes, then surrender is no problem. If one day the sky will disappear, then I will leave the Emei Sect today and return to the Emei Sect. After returning to the hands of these people, the Emei Sect is still a noble and decent one. The wonderful intention is not to say that expelling the Emei Sect from the Emei Sect is the future plan.
"Yes, Miao Du is still a little farsighted. I’m afraid this is her bottom line. What do you think?" Chasing the wind and asking Ye Shuang and Chen Feng are two people.
Ye Shuang looked at the eye chasing the wind and the morning breeze and mused, "It’s okay to promise to come. Although we raided the Emei Sect this time, we must have made some preparations before it. Besides, people who need to go to Emei Sect can’t always be on guard against them leaving. Even if we don’t promise now, Miao Miao will definitely arrange some people to leave and take refuge in Shaolin Wudang and other sects. It’s better to let them stay in the mountains now."
After listening to Ye Shuang’s words, chasing the wind and the morning breeze all nodded and agreed that these famous schools can stand in the rivers and lakes for so many years. Where will they be easily destroyed? Even if they are destroyed by the sky, there will be masters escaping, not to mention preaching, really big schools.
"We promised the Emei Sect that we would never stop anyone who wanted to leave."
The words of chasing the wind made Miao Shu’s tight face loose. Then she turned to face the whole Emei Sect brother and said, "Today, my head announced that the Emei Sect would not want to defect to the younger brother. I can leave as much as I can. After today, the head of the Emei Sect will be borne by Miao Yan’s school sister. I will go to the back mountain to think about it."
"head of the household"
There was a cry from the people of Emei Sect, asking Miao Du to take it back.
"This wonderful degree is still very responsible. It is not bad to have her as the head of the Emei Sect." The morning breeze praised it.
Ye Shuang also agreed that the morning breeze put the greatest resistance to the blame on his shoulders and kept the morale and cohesion of the Emei Sect as much as possible.
With the wonderful cooperation, things will be easy. A small number of Emei masters left Emei Mountain with others, and both sides began to save lives and deal with various aftermath.
Jiang Yu is soon came to the front of Ye Shuang meaning self-evident a face of eager.
Ye Shuang smiled and followed him to the ice sculpture and began to absorb the star solution. When the ice sculpture was visible to the naked eye, the cold poison of Chloe was completely absorbed by Ye Shuang. She didn’t wake up, but the breath was stable to reassure Jiang Yu.
Seeing that Jiang Yu was so distressed, this Kerr Ye Shuang had some affection for him. His mind flashed and he took the sword and Tu Longdao, who broke into four pieces, and came to Jiang Yu and said, "Jiang Xia, you are a sword and a sword. Are you interested in the sword and Tu Longdao?"
Jiang Yu, who is conveying real temperature to Keer to keep fit, casually replied when she heard Ye Shuang’s words, "Isn’t this pair of swords already broken?"
"If it is broken, you can connect it again." Ye Shuang said in a really stupid tone. "I remember that there is a very powerful blacksmith in the western regions who might have a way to connect Eternal Sword and Tu Longdao. When the time comes, you will rely on Eternal Sword and Tu Longdao. That’s simply."
"Why didn’t I think of that?" Jiang Yu’s eyes immediately lit up and said, "I need a sword to double-kill the 7749 style, and Tu Longdao and I are a perfect match."
Happy for a moment Jiang Yu quickly hesitate to look at the eye leaf frost way "but male master elder your other disciples will promise? Can you be the master? "
"We have more other disciples, which is why it is not easy to distribute. Besides, the sword has been broken. Even if it is connected, after all, it is flawed, the master will not care too much to win over you. It is still worth it." Ye Shuang directly said the real idea
"Well, if I really take the broken knife, broken arrow will give it to me, even if I know that this is to woo me, I am willing to be wooed."
Jiang Yu’s direct answer let Ye Shuang know that this person can still communicate.
When the Emei Sect’s affairs are almost handled, it’s finally the turn of the key core-Jiuyin Zhenjing.
Ye Shuang and others in the main hall of the Emei Sect and the master of the Emei Sect sit on both sides chasing the wind and holding the Jiuyin Zhenjing.
"Teacher Miao Du, you can record the correction here. We need to take it back to Master and make sure that the Nine Yin Scriptures will not be easily leaked."
After listening to Zhuifeng’s words, Miaodu and Miao Yan took out a pen and paper that had already been prepared, and witnessed by everyone on both sides that one person began to copy the Jiuyin Zhenjing and one person was responsible for proofreading it.
All eyes are fixed on a few thin pages of silk paper. The Nine-Yin Sutra is too tempting for people in Jianghu, especially the people of Emei Sect who have been longing for the Nine-Yin Sutra for a long time. Now they have finally got many masters of Emei Sect, all of whom are excited. These masters are naturally the first to be qualified to practice their martial arts, and they can also have a relatively big rise.
It’s a unique technique of the Heaven’s Congress to seal up the original Nine-Yin True Classics with ten dragons and ten palms and Wu Mu immediately after the transcription of the Nine-Yin True Classics is completed.
After sealing it completely, Zhuifeng picked it up and handed it to Ye Shuang. "Ye Shuang will be taken back by you and taught to Master. Morning Wind and I will sit here and then start preparing to deal with Tangmen."
Took the seal nine Yin true sutra and so on Ye Shuang nodded as if nothing had happened. "I’m going to set off and return."
Ye Shuang didn’t do much to stay with the cheats, but he hurried to Chang ‘an with nine Yin scriptures. He didn’t dare to be careless. Fortunately, he met the male master safely all the way.
After recounting the details of the First World War of the Emei Sect to the male master, Ye Shuang directly said, "My brother wants to cultivate the Jiuyin Zhenjing."
"Oh?" The male master is watching with the Nine-Yin Sutra and dropping the dragon’s ten palms. When he hears Ye Shuang’s words, he can’t help wondering, "You have many unique skills. The Nine-Yin Sutra doesn’t mean much to you, does it? You should know that you have more than you can chew. "
"I know that I have more than I can chew. Now I’m interested in the mastermind solution, ghost prison evil wind roar and flying skill in the Nine Yin True Classics. I don’t have any ideas about martial arts such as the Nine Yin White Bone Claw and the Big Fu Magic Boxing, but my interest in the Nine Yin True Classics is mainly half a volume of work," Ye Shuang explained solemnly.
"Oh, work?" The male master raised his eyebrows and said, "As far as I know, you have the most skills in practicing martial arts, right?"
Ye Shuang nodded and admitted, "Half of the Yijin Sutra is like the Prajnaparamita, and the master’s three points belong to the original strength. My brother really has several unique skills. Although his skill has grown rapidly, he has also left hidden dangers. Half of the Yijin Sutra is insufficient to thoroughly refine and absorb the heterogeneous qi. Now my brother has felt the hidden danger. If he can’t find the other half of Yijin Sutra, then my brother is afraid to expect the Jiuyin Sutra to be called the master program of martial arts. There must be a unique place for my brother to understand and learn from it. Maybe there is a way"
After listening to Ye Shuang’s words, the male master realized that Ye Shuang was going to sigh. "Alas, everything is good and there are disadvantages. The star-sucking solution can really increase the skill quickly, but it is more harmful than good for the master to practice behind. It is really difficult to break through the heaven. If you start practicing a Juexuegong wholeheartedly now, the hidden dangers of strength can be gradually eliminated for more than ten years, but even if you practice the Jiuyin Zhenjing again, I am afraid it is not big."
Ye Shuang knows that the hero’s words are right, but now he is faced with a difficult choice. The Yijin Sutra has half of the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita work, and there is no three points to return to the vitality. Because of the cold body, there are some obstacles, and it didn’t take long to get the star-sucking solution.
In this way, it seems that even if you choose a unique skill to practice the Nine Yin Scriptures, it is not a bad choice.
Ye Shuang was silent, and the male master immediately handed Ye Shuang the Nine Yin Sutra in his hand, saying, "Since you want to be a practitioner, you will not be stingy with being a teacher, but you should wake up and bite off more than you can chew. Don’t be lost by many Juexue and forget what your roots are."
Seeing Ye Shuang’s joy in taking over the winning streak of Jiuyin Zhenjing, Xie Xiongzhu once again said, "If the sky can defeat Shaolin in one fell swoop, the Shaolin Yijin Sutra will be readily available, and you will naturally get the complete Yijin Sutra. Don’t worry about it."
But when he said this, the hero himself didn’t have the confidence to win. He deeply knew that Shaolin Temple was not so easy to attack.
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter two hundred and thirteen The mastermind solution
Chapter two hundred and thirteen The mastermind solution
The Nine Yin Sutra was thoroughly remembered by Ye Shuang for three hours. However, Ye Shuang, who left the dragon with ten palms and Wu Mu’s legacy, did not go to learn. He had already cultivated the palm of the cloud and the palm of the dim palm of the dragon with ten palms, which meant little to him. Even Ye Shuang, a martial arts master in the Nine Yin Sutra, did not intend to practice.
Although ye Shuang learned the nine-yin sutra, he didn’t immediately practice the nine-yin sutra. The nine-yin sutra claims to be broad and profound in the general program of heavenly martial arts, and he can’t fully understand it in a short time. Ye Shuang first practiced the three acrobatic techniques of the most interesting ghost prison, the evil wind roar, the soul-taking solution, the spiral nine shadows and the snake-walking raccoon dog turning.
Ghost prison evil wind roar is also a sonic skill, but it is completely different from Buddhist lion roar. Both of them have their own advantages, and Ye Shuang is naturally very interested in this sonic skill.
Ye Shuang, the mastermind solution, has already seen it. He was almost controlled by the head of the ancient tomb sect in the Hall of the Great Hero of Shaolin Temple. This trick was also born out of the mastermind solution. Ye Shuang relied on this trick several times to defeat the enemy. He was quite impressed by such a different skill. Now he has the opportunity to learn nature and doesn’t want to let go.
Moving sideways, spiral nine shadows and snake-running raccoon are the three lightness skill postures in the Nine Yin Sutra. The snake-running raccoon focuses on lightness skill. Spiral nine shadows focus on the posture of the enemy, and moving sideways can make your body move sideways in an impossible situation. It is definitely a life-saving trick.
Ye Shuang’s flying skills are weaker than others. Although Lu Xiaofeng has been practicing flying skills for many years, he has made substantial progress when he was at the seaside. Now he has learned the Fengshen leg by practicing three points and returning to his original strength. However, it didn’t take long for Fengshen leg to practice and add these three flying skills. Although the more he learns, the more powerful he is, but it is not unreasonable for him to be a master and other assistants to confirm each other.
After staying near Chang ‘an for less than a month, Ye Shuang returned to Shu again.
The Emei Sect caused a great sensation in the whole Jianghu in Sichuan after the official meeting. This is the first time that there is a first-class grand official meeting, which is of great significance to the whole Jianghu. However, those senior brothers who left the Emei Sect have propped up the Emei Sect in other places in the Jianghu, claiming that they are the orthodox Emei Sect.
No matter what the various forces in the Jianghu think of them, I sent officials to Sichuan, which is the biggest impact, especially for Tangmen in Sichuan. This is a bad news, which can’t be worse. The sudden change of the Emei faction made them unprepared. What’s worse is that in the former Shu, many Jianghu experts began to link up with Tianhui, and they never joined forces with Tangmen to fight against Tianhui. The whole martial arts in Sichuan showed a scene of disintegration.
After a period of adjustment, the masters of the Emei Sect officially came from Emei Mountain to launch their huge potential forces in Shu to fight against the two giants in the same deep-rooted Tangmen Shu. The situation that the Emei Sect will help one day shows a one-sided trend, and the small gangs and small forces in Shu have also expressed their wisdom and started to make wise choices. Some affiliated forces and some hidden piles in Tangmen have been pulled out one after another.
Although the Tangmen also made Tianhui and Emei Sect lose a lot through poison assassination, their own losses were even greater. Tianhui and Emei Sect were prepared, and the losses caused by the poison of Tangmen were far less than that, but they were unable to shock the whole of Shu.
The foundation of Tangmen in Shu is Tangmen Fort, and the machine around Tangmen Fort is highly toxic. Although Tangmen Camp knows it, it has not made a move. The lesson of Baituo Villa has made Ye Shuang and others know that sometimes people may not care about Tangmen Fort, but the machine trap is highly toxic, which is definitely much better than that of white camel mountain Zhuang. Besides, at that time, Tangmen’s brother was already in Shu, and it was not the Ministry that was in Tangmen Fort. Will it attack Tangmen Fort at the beginning?