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After kissing for a moment, he stopped to look like a hand and gently held the woman on the marble platform.

The cold countertop of Dali made Tsing Yi shudder.
Mo Anyan smiled slightly, took off her sweater and laid it under her body, then bowed her head and kissed her neck.
"Did you miss me?"
Tsing Yi jerked to push his hand only to find that he had no strength at all.
After living together for so long, she knew very well that this man was as strong in bed as he was in his twenties.
He stayed in the apartment with her for ten days after he was discharged from the hospital.
It was really dark for ten days, and it seemed that the two men were trying to make up for the past waves little by little.
Finally, the big bed was torn apart by the two of them.
The two of them were squeaking when they were moving on the bed. Mo Anyan was so angry that the next day, people changed it to a stronger one.
These days, she’s having trouble with him about the baby. He looks at her face carefully and doesn’t dare to mess around at all.
Tsing yi thought of here nodded slightly "well"
"How much do you want?" Mo Anyan’s forehead touched hers.
Tsing Yi gave him a silky wink and whispered, "Mo Anyan?"
Mo Anyan smiled and her voice was hoarse. "Good horse feeds you."
Mo Anyan woke up in the morning with the curtains drawn and the room dimly lit.
Tsing Yi fell asleep in his arms.
He got up slightly, folded his waist and arms, and opened his eyes. "Where are you going?"
"Take a shower first, then make coffee and accompany you to the hospital."
"Don’t move and sleep for a while" Tsing Yi stubbornly grabbed him.
Mo Anyan likes it best when she sticks to him like a child, so she smiles and kisses her on the lips "so that she can sleep for another ten minutes"
"Less than half an hour"
Mo Anyan took her to her arms and put it on her head.
After getting along with each other for a long time, I found out that this woman is really weak, especially when she sleeps, she always needs him to hold her to sleep well.
I don’t know where those sharp samples came from before.
The man’s body temperature is very hot and he fell asleep in Tsing Yi. Last night, from the kitchen to the bedroom and then to the bathroom, her waist was almost broken.
I woke up at ten o’clock.
They took their time to take a shower, change clothes, have breakfast and drive to the hospital.
"Mo Anyan, are we retired now?"
Even the jewelry store has been taken care of by others. Two people’s lives are nothing but eating and sleeping, and they travel around and play around, just like a basket case.
Mo Anyan glanced at her sideways. "I like this kind of ex-retired life. It’s a matter for young people to work hard. We should be responsible for enjoying it."
Tsing Yi can also laugh.
Since he was with her, he simply handed over his own companies to Mo Jun to take care of them at night, and he became a shareholder with peace of mind.
Mo Jun was very upset at a dinner party one night and said to her, "Aunt, can you persuade my brother-in-law that he won’t help to take care of Mo’s? Even if those broken companies can take care of themselves?"
She asked what happened.
Mo Jun took out his cell phone and gritted his teeth at night. "He eats, drinks and makes more money than I do all day. Who wants to?"
Mo Anyan laughed. "Isn’t it good to retire before? I accompany you, and you accompany me. This is life."
Tsing Yi thought about Mo Jun’s night talk. "Your nephew has a big opinion."