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Xiaoqi shook his head and went straight to bed to sleep.

Chen Huanai knew that Xiao Qi was unwilling to discuss it in detail. When he looked at it, it was past three o’clock in the morning, and the dream was just right.
The rain is still ticking on the glass window. Xiaoqi feels as if he has crushed a person, so that he can’t breathe and open his eyes to see it safely. !
"Are you awake?" Enron asked with a gentle smile.
Xiaoqi is upset. "Brother … why are you here?"
Enron chuckled, "Where can I go if I’m not here?"
Xiaoqitu feels something is wrong here … This is not the small apartment where Enron lives now, but …
"Xiao Qi, thank you for everything I’ve done. Remember when I said I wanted a family like you?"
Before Xiaoqi nodded, I said that just before Xiaoqi boarded the plane, she suddenly got emotional and hugged Xiaoqi.
At that time, I was seven years old and laughed at him. He said that he would not come back in the past few days and didn’t miss him very much.
What did Enron say at that time? Oh, he said that when you came back, we would be brothers and a real family if there was a generation.
I didn’t expect that when Xiaoqi realized that something was wrong, Enron had committed suicide in the bathtub where he was now lying.
"Elder brother, let’s get out of here …" Xiao Qi said, reaching out and sitting in the bathtub safely.
Enron is still a smile and extends his hand to Xiaoqi.
Xiao Qixi hurried to pull, and just then, a pair of invisible hands pressed safely back into the bathtub, struggling and shouting, but could not earn those invisible hands.
"Xiao qi … I’m so sore ~ ~ Xiao qi … help me …"
Xiaoqi panicked. He didn’t know what happened. He wanted to help Enron before, but the wall blocked them. Xiaoqi couldn’t get through and Enron couldn’t get out.
"Xiaoqi, help me …" Suddenly, Enron’s hands began to soar, and bloody red blood sprayed all over the floor. Xiaoqi could smell fishy and salty, and it was creepy.
Xiaoqi shouted that it was a dream to wake up with his chest fluctuating? Is it reality? He can’t tell for a moment, and he feels that his headache is getting worse and his back is on fire, and he has no strength at all.
"Small seven how do you feel now? Did you have a nightmare? "
Chen Huayin Xiaoqi opened his eyes again, only to see Chen Hua trotting with an umbrella in one hand while he was sprinting all the way on his back.
"What’s wrong with me?" Xiaoqi asked with a hoarse voice, and his vision began to blur again.
"You have a fever and are in a coma, which scared us all … well … we … the hospital … nothing …"
What did Chen Hua say later? Xiao Qi was groggy and didn’t catch it. When he passed out again, he seemed to hear Wei Zhengyin. At this time, the genius kept raining.
He doesn’t like rainy weather
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Chapter 11 Don’t move! You’re still hurt!
After Xiaoqi burned to nearly 39 degrees and hung water, the cooling effect was not ideal. Chen Hua was so anxious that the doctor was also puzzled to see that the patient’s head and hands had obvious fights and scars, so he gave a careful inspection. Only when he pulled open the wound did he see that the wound was broken and half rusty, and the skin around the nail was red and swollen. No wonder the high fever persisted. If it was not found, the wound continued to be inflamed and infected, which led to sepsis.
The heart is chaotic. Chen Hua blames herself for knowing that Xiaoqi was drunk and fighting, but forgot to check whether there was any wound on his body.
After finding the focus and treating the wound, Xiaoqi’s body temperature still hasn’t dropped. To be on the safe side, the doctor suggested cooling the ice pack and physical cooling from time to time.
Afterwards, Ma Dafu didn’t know from whom he got the news. At dawn, he went to the hospital with Sun Jin and pushed the door. He saw Chen Hua leaning on the side and sleeping, while Wei Zhengzheng kept wiping Xiao Qi’s palm with a wet towel. Seeing Ma Dafu and others coming, he just nodded and continued to wipe.
Ma Dafu took a close look at Xiao Qi, who was asleep, and then took off his coat to sleep in Chen Huashen before asking softly, "How is Xiao Qi?"
Wei Zhi rubbed his seven hands and carefully put his hand under the bed before answering, "The fever has gone down a lot and it is still low-grade."
Look at a little drop Ma Dafu this just see small seven scar exclaimed "small seven face injury is how to return a responsibility? Who hit him? "
Wei Zhi didn’t answer. When he arrived at the dormitory, Xiaoqi was almost unconscious. Chen Hua was so anxious that he was knocking on the door and asked other dormitory colleagues to work together to send Xiaoqi to the hospital.
At this moment, Sun Jin thought of something urgent. "By the way, I also called Xiaoqi to ask him if he wanted to come to the game hall. At that time, he said that he was drinking and had no breath. He also hung up when his period came and he was in a bad mood …"
Ma Dafu was angry when he heard it. "You know that he is wrong, why don’t you ask a few more questions? If you had discovered Xiaoqi earlier, you wouldn’t have been beaten like this."
His brothers were beaten by people, and he finally got the news. If I had known, I wouldn’t have run the game hall with Sun Jin and played all night. Damn it!
Brother Dafu’s voice woke Chen Hua up. He was sleepy and didn’t know what had happened, but as soon as he was awake, he went straight to Xiaoqi hospital bed.
At this time, Sun Jin pouted. "I didn’t know Xiaoqi was beaten. Didn’t you also care to urge me to leave quickly?"
"You-"Ma Dafu angry although mouth all blame Sun Jin but more is remorse.
"Stop it, Xiaoqi needs a quiet rest. It’s enough to have me here. Chen Hua, since she woke up, let’s go back to school together." Wei Zhi rudely ordered the guests to leave.
Glared at Ma Dafu mercilessly Sun Jin and glanced at Xiao Qi, who was hanging in the water. "I’ll send Chen Hua back and wait for you to eat."
Chen Hua doesn’t trust Xiaoqi to stay and see Wei Zhi’s semi-wet clothes. Xiaoqi really needs clothes to change when she sweats, so she can leave first.
Xiao Qi was awake when it was dawn, and she was in a trance with Wei Zhi’s hand. She drank half a glass of water and quickly fell asleep. Wei Zheng took Xiao Qi’s temperature and saw that she didn’t have a fever again. She didn’t worry about checking the wound until she recovered well. She took a dry towel and wiped the moisture of Xiao Qi’s body again. Seeing that Xiao Qi’s lips were badly dry because of a fever, she quickly took a cotton swab and got wet with warm water.
Ma Dafu came once before breakfast and brought two people clean clothes and a thermos bucket. He brought some light porridge and pancakes from the canteen. Because he had a class, he went back to school, Wei Zhi and Xiaoqi, and he asked for leave. At noon, the food was brought by Chen Hua.
Xiaoqi slept half-sidedly because of a back injury, and didn’t wake up until the evening. Her bust was numb and she felt pain in her back when she moved slightly.
Wei Zhi heard the ringing blink of an eye. "Is there anything uncomfortable when you wake up?"
Xiaoqi shook his head and saw Wei Zhi haggard after a burst of blurred vision.
His eyes were red and his hair was messy, and even his beard came out. He smiled in a blue, small seven, so sloppy and haggard. Wei Zhi had never seen it before, but he was unexpectedly mature and sexy. It was still raining in his vague memory. He was lying on a broad shoulder and nose, and the familiar smell made him feel inexplicably at ease
When Wei Zhi saw Xiaoqi wake up, he first explored Xiaoqi’s forehead and asked softly, "Would you like to drink some warm water first? You can eat it after I heat the porridge."
"Hmm …" Xiaoqi looked at Wei Zhi with a hoarse voice. "Has the rain stopped?"
Xiaoqi grinned. "It’s good to stop!"
Maybe it’s because he is still in a fragile period of illness, maybe he was once desperate, and there is still a glimmer of expectation in his heart, expecting someone to give him a half-tenderness. What he saw in Wei Zhi’s bloodshot eyes can’t hide anything. When he was tired, Xiaoqi couldn’t say anything, but he was moved inexplicably.
"What’s the matter?" Wei Zhi saw Xiaoqi’s mood swings and raised his hand again. Xiaoqi’s forehead temperature didn’t change.
Suddenly, I was a little nostalgic for Wei Dabing. The palm of my hand was gentle and Xiaoqi smiled at himself. Can he afford this person?
"I’m fine. I just woke up and didn’t work hard."
Xiaoqi was about to be lifted when she got up and was pushed back to bed by Wei Zhi first.
"Don’t move. You’re still lying injured."
Xiaoqi is in distress situation. "That … people have three urgent things."
Wei Zhi eyebrows a loose to let go.
Top-heavy and dizzy, Xiaoqi refused Wei Zhi’s kindness and almost drifted to health like a wandering soul
After the sanitation, Wei Zhi helped Xiaoqi bed and tucked in the corner. Only then did he send the cold porridge to the medical team. After being heated in the microwave oven, he still fed it to Xiaoqi bite by bite. Wei Zhi was so embarrassed that he scooped a bite like nothing happened and then sent it to Xiaoqi’s mouth. When Xiaoqi felt full, a bowl of porridge bottomed out.