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He can finally go home after staying at the border for so long!

At the thought of seeing him thinking about those people at the border day and night, he was excited and filled with joy. Even this cold and chilly day felt like a good weather.
When Bailudiao returned to Beijing triumphantly, it was a sunny day with charming sunshine and a chill wind.
On both sides of the street, Kyoto people cheered and shouted to celebrate the triumphant return of the White House rumbled war.
There is joy everywhere, flowers and colored silk everywhere are festive colors.
Bailutiao rode along the road with great joy. He wanted to go straight home, but according to the rules, he had to go to the palace to meet the emperor first and report on the border affairs.
When I saw Qin Yuan in the imperial palace, Bai Ludiao saluted "Minister Bai Ludiao participated in the emperor’s position"
He was about to kneel Qin Yuan, but said, "Bai Shaoshuai doesn’t have to bother to win this battle. If you trudge home again, don’t kneel and talk."
"Yes, thank you."
Bailu Tiao reported all the things on the border one by one and handed them back to Qin Yuan.
Before he left, Qin Yuan looked at him and hesitated, but in the end he said nothing, "Bai Shaoshuai went home hard and had a good rest."
Bailu Tiao nodded and surrendered "I am a long time."
Since the palace left, Bailudiao didn’t do anything else. He rode back to the White House and endured it for a long time in the palace. All the joy came to his face, and there was a smile in his eyes. How can he hide his happiness?
The bloody BMW stopped in front of the White House and hurried to the house with a smile and shouted as he ran in.
"Dad! Mother! I’m back! !”
"I am back!"
Bai Juan and Qiu Huiye smelled that their faces were full of joy and relief.
Bai Juan and touching the gray beard with a smile are very pleased that his noisy son can also be alone and really rumbled! Bai Lutiao can still do well without his command.
This war is the best proof.
Qiu Huiye took Bailu Tiao’s hand and patted his eyes with a smile, but some tears flashed. "Look at you, you have lost weight since you didn’t come back for so long."
Bai Lutiao smiled and said, "It’s okay."
Then Bai Lutiao looked in and looked like he was looking for something "What’s missing?"? Why didn’t she come out? Is she not in the house today? "
He said a Bai Juan and Qiu Huiye face smile instantaneous stiff eyes began to dodge.
White road all feel wrong he hurriedly asked "why don’t you answer me? Miss it? "
He looked at Bai Juan and "Dad?"
Bai Juan and dare not look into his eyes.
He went to see Qiu Huiye "Niang? Where are you missing? "
Qiu Huiye eyes dodge holding his hand also loosen her sip sip lip "miss her …"
"What’s wrong with her!"
Baifu ancestral hall
Bailudiao came from outside the courtyard and ran into the ancestral temple in a hurry. There was a memorial tablet on the high platform, and there was a coffin covered with white cloth beside it.
Bailu Tiao’s heart suddenly trembled and he was surprised. He couldn’t help but feel wide-eyed and trance.
He paused for a moment at the door before stepping over. The closer he got, the more chaotic his breath became. Before the coffin, he paused, his eyes trembled violently, and he was flustered and confused.
He took a deep breath before reaching out and shaking his hands, grabbing a corner of the white cloth and then trying to lift it.
White cloth covers the coffin and is engraved with several big characters.
"Bai’s wife Liang Yan read the spirit"
Bai Lu Tiao’s breathing was negligent, and he was a little unstable for a moment. He barely supported his body with his hands on the desktop.
"How did this happen …" He couldn’t believe his eyes trembled and he shook his head as if he didn’t want to believe it.
"impossible!" He thumped the white cloth in his hand to the ground.
"No! !”
White road shouted angrily, "I have come back alive as agreed. What did you die of? What are you dead! "
He slipped and sat down on the ground.