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Suddenly Liu Liang’s face changed.

He has been in the business circle for so many years, from general sales to credit owners, and no one has ever seen him.
Hearing Qiao Yun’s words, Liu Liang understood that "it’s Master Joe. What does Master Joe want to do?" He secretly wiped a cold sweat.
Qiao Yun has been looking at Liu Liang. Liu Liang is very vigilant and starts to talk around.
"There are many important connections between our company and your bank, right?" Qiao Yun lowered his head slightly and then looked up, and his face was no longer so friendly.
Liu Liang didn’t immediately answer is still that smile "what’s the point to master Joe"
Fine. His mother is an old fox.
"I won’t beat around the bush," Qiao Yun snorted coldly. "I heard that our company had a sum of 500 thousand funds remitted to a gambling net abroad through your bank."
After touching his ear with his right hand, his sight fell to the glass of water on the table and continued, "But I don’t remember when the Qiao’s regiment … had this expenditure."
Liu Liang immediately reacted with a quiver in his heart. This root is blunt Xu Zhilai.
Soon he resumed his smile. "Master Joe even misremembered. You said that Liu didn’t remember that Qiao’s group was handled by Manager Xu in my industry. Why don’t you ask Manager Xu?"
Fuck, kicking the ball
The more I don’t want to get involved, the more ghosts there are
Qiao Yun wondered how to pry this man’s mouth open, and his cell phone rang in his pocket.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Avoid Liu Liang, Qiao Yun got up and walked to the window.
"take a message"
"Good master Joe is free."
Deliberately have answers, deliberately slow and pace.
Qiao Yun picked up the words, but Mo Ran said over there, "Two things: first, the sum of 500,000 funds was remitted from Xu Zhi’s private head, and this account was second three years ago. Just now, Xu Zhi’s private head received another sum of 500,000 cash, and the specific source was unknown, but the acceptance bill was discounted."
Qiao Yun eyebrow yu consciousness is wrinkly to knit the one.
"I can check people and materials, but finance is my shortcoming, and the rest depends on you." Mo Ran continued
Qiao Yun "well" replied "I see, hard god"
"Be polite to me, aren’t you?" With a sigh, "Be careful yourself. Besides, it’s important for me to find you when I get home late and early."
Qiao Yun smiled, "Wait for me at home."
Hang up, Qiao Yun was thinking in his heart, and the discount of acceptance bills is an old fox like Xu Zhi who can think of this method.
He strode to Liu Liang to sit on the sofa with his mobile phone without a little smile, and his eyes looked sharp at each other.
"Liu Zhu, have we bought an acceptance bill from your bank?"
Paused, Qiao Yun continued, "It’s better to think clearly before answering when you wake up, otherwise it will affect the interests of both sides … it’s not easy."
Eyes a fiercely Liu Liang heart fibrillation three fibrillation.
He guessed from the expression on Qiao Yun’s face that it was not simple, but he didn’t expect it to be so simple.
But he’s not sure if Qiao Yun’s identity is Joe’s great grandfather. If it is the director, he also wants a piece of the action-
"Yes" thought for a moment, and Liu Liangke didn’t want to smash his rice bowl. "Your company did buy 46.88 million acceptance bills from our bank for a period of one year."
Qiao Yun heart dark relief Liu Liang finally a little honest.
While silently calculating the discount interest of this acceptance bill, he asked Liu Liang, "What about Xu Zhi? Did he discount it? How much did he post?"
Call Xu Zhi by his first name. This …
Liu Liang’s expression finally changed and he was planted in a small hand with a slight twitch in his face.
Qiao Yun is not in a hurry. It’s time to share this.
He dialed Qiao Sheng casually, and the words were still open.
As soon as the words were connected, he asked, "Dad, do you know that our branch bought 46.88 million acceptance bills at Binhai Bank?"
The tone is casual, the speed of speech is fast, and Liu Liang has a bad feeling in his heart.
But what really made his heart tremble was the sound coming from the opposite side of the words.
"I know. Why?"
Obviously, this calm and spicy sound is Qiao Sheng.
Qiao Sheng often watches financial news. Liu Liang has been in the financial world for many years. His voice has long been engraved in the eardrum.
This just surprised that the original name is Qiao Yunxiao, but Qiao Chenger.
Qiao Yun then asked, "Don’t you think it’s strange that Xu Zhi remitted 1 million cash from Binhai Bank in less than three years?"
It’s questioning the old man