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"ppa, you don’t like her more and more because Zhu Xian has always been very reserved to refuse you, do you? Or the harder it is to get something, the more you like it and cherish it? You men seem to be like this. "

"Not all men are like this, but almost everyone is like this. This is human nature, but is it really easy for us to be together?"
"Of course it’s not easy for me. It seems that I worked hard for more than a year to change your impression and mind about me, but for you, I took the initiative to deliver the door and wanted to be your woman, which means you got me easily."
"You’re a little biased. Although you did try very hard to change my mind at that time, I also tried very hard to change it to meet your wishes. Besides, it’s very important for you to like me. I am your most trusted brother, but do you think it’s easy to be your most trusted brother?"
"It’s really not easy," Lim Yoon A agreed.
"So how can I not cherish my feelings with your other sisters? It can be said that I have made great efforts to be so close to every sister, and it is the joint efforts of both sides, so you don’t have to worry that I don’t know how to cherish. If I really don’t know how to cherish and won’t cling to you, then you may have left me long ago. After all, it is absolutely good for women to be a man’s lover, especially if this man has many other choices. If you are willing to do so? "
"ppa is not absolutely so. You forget that Sister Pani and Sister Yuli and I took the initiative to chase you first and still know that you have a lot of women." Lim Yoon A’s words are a little comforting to Zhang Chengyuan.
"You are taking the wrong medicine!" Zhang Chengyuan patted Lim Yoon A head and said with a smile
"Which is eating the wrong medicine? We are actively chasing you because we love you. "
"To be exact, I was confused by my divine power!"
He still thinks that Lim Yoon A, iffany and Yuli have no reason to take the initiative to love him. It is probably because of his special things, but there is nothing to pursue. Anyway, he has taken advantage of it. In addition, if three girls in Lim Yoon A wake up in the future, they will definitely not let go of them.
"That’s true. That’s love! After ppa, don’t say that we love you because we are confused by you. It sounds really ugly, as if we are not sincere enough about your love, "Lim Yoon A said with some dissatisfaction."
"Well, I won’t say anything, but I have to declare that I never doubted that you three were not sincere enough about my heart."
"That’s good. ppa, there’s one thing I want to ask you. Will you attend this year’s taxpayer memorial day ceremony?"
"Taxpayer’s Day? What am I going to do You know I don’t go every year. "
Since 9 years, Zhang Chengyuan has been selected as a Korean model taxpayer by the National Tax Agency of Korea every year because he will faithfully pay huge taxes every year, and he has been invited to attend the annual taxpayer memorial day ceremony or the model taxpayer commendation meeting. But how can Zhang Chengyuan be interested in this kind of thing? So he is busy with work every year, so how can it help him to refuse that kind of recognition?
"But this year, I was also selected as a model taxpayer, and I will become an ambassador of the National Tax Office together with my predecessors in Song Seung Heon," Lim Yoon A said faintly.
"You want me to accompany you then, don’t you?" Zhang Chengyuan came over white.
"Well," Lim Yoon A said shyly, "She just wants Zhang Chengyuan to spend more time with her, especially when she is going to China to film, so she can only go back to Seoul once.
"Taxpayer’s Day is March 3rd, right?" Zhang Chengyuan wanted to think a way
"I should still be in Korea that day, so I promised to accompany you." Considering that it will be difficult to see Lim Yoon A for some time to come, and he is still relatively free for the time being, he promised to come.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and twenty Please help Crystal price
At the end of February, one night, the weather was clear and the stars were shining. Zhang Chengyuan was idle talking and actually took the crystal to the observation deck on the fourth floor to blow the cold wind and look at the stars. It was a bit interesting to see some stars in the summer. I saw that the constellations were in the cold wind, so they naturally didn’t care about their physical quality.
But the so-called looking at the stars is actually second. Zhang Chengyuan’s real purpose is to find a quiet place to talk to Crystal alone and persuade her to do him a favor.
After pulling some words with stars, Zhang Chengyuan turned to the topic slightly. "Crystal, you should have heard Zhu Xian say recently that I already love you, right?" With such important news, it is natural for Seohyun to tell Crystal. Who among the sisters doesn’t understand her mind?
"I’ve heard of it, but brother, are you sure you’re telling the truth? Why don’t I feel that you love me at all?" Crystal suspects that in her opinion, Zhang Chengyuan may be talking nonsense just because he wants to achieve something in Seohyun.
"Of course it’s true, but it’s possible that I still love you a little bit, and you ask too much to feel that I don’t love you," Zhang Chengyuan defended.
"Is it a little?" A little bit. Who knows how much?
"Nature is also a crystal. You have to know that many things are the most difficult from scratch, and it is easier to think more after having a little bit." Zhang Chengyuan talked nonsense.
"Brother, the poor in this world have a little money, but I haven’t seen a few poor people become rich. If things can really become easier after a little bit, it’s been more than a month since the TV series was finished. How come you don’t love me more? " Crystal is not the way
"Er, this may be because it’s still a short time. Don’t worry, you should be able to feel it after a while." After listening to Zhang Chengyuan’s resentment in the crystal words, he quickly calmed down and then changed the subject. "Well, don’t say this crystal, I want to ask you a favor!"
"What busy?" Crystal is lazy. It’s so comfortable to look at the stars in Zhang Chengyuan’s arms. She’s about to fall asleep.
"You should know that I made an agreement with Sister Zhu Xian, right?" Zhang Chengyuan patted her on the head, and she was really fascinated.
"Knowing that you agreed that I could recognize you, if you really accepted my Zhu Xian elder sister, you can also recognize you, which means you can get her," Crystal replied.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled. "Crystal, I want to ask you for help. This is it."
"This? Oh, you want me to tell Sister Zhu Xian that I have approved you? So you get what you want, but isn’t this a lie, brother? " Crystal surprised way
"This which is cheating? This is a white lie and a good deed! " Zhang Chengyuan brazen way
"It’s good for you, but it doesn’t seem so good for Sister Zhu Xian, does it?" Crystal a difficult way
"What’s wrong? She will be my woman sooner or later. Isn’t it a good thing that you help us speed up our love process and we save a lot of time? " Zhang Chengyuan persuaded
"Brother, if you say so, I will be your woman sooner or later. Should you also speed up the process of our love? But you seem to hesitate and drag your feet every time. "
"When did I procrastinate? Didn’t I always cooperate with you?"
"It’s quite cooperative, but it’s all passive cooperation rather than active cooperation. Every time I push you first, you will take a step forward."
Zhang Chengyuan suddenly sighed, "Crystal, you have something to say. Do you want me to promise you something before you will agree to help me?" He still doesn’t understand Crystal’s character. How can he say so about sisterhood? Less in him and his sisters, she usually refuses repeatedly on his side, I’m afraid she just wants to make a deal with him
Small crystal hee hee smiled. "Brother, you are so clever that you can see through my thoughts at once. I really want to ask you a few things and ask you to agree. Then I will help you so that you can get Sister Zhu Xian as soon as possible."
"What’s the requirement?" Zhang Chengyuan pinched her face and sighed. He really couldn’t do anything about Crystal, the baby sister.
Crystal thought for a moment and said, "I was the first to ask for a skirt. I heard that you recently sent a skirt to Sister Zhu Xian and Sister Yun, and I want one too."
"Is this it? It’s simple. I promise you, but Crystal, if you want something, just tell me, and I won’t say yes? Don’t come out in such a serious way? " Zhang Chengyuan some puzzled way
"Brother, the dress I want is not an ordinary dress, but the sexy miniskirt that you gave to Sister Yun a few days ago, and you have to help me wear it yourself." Crystal is not ashamed at all. In recent years, Zhang Chengyuan has changed her mind and loved her more shyly, and she has done a lot of things, so she has lost a lot of skin. Of course, this will happen in front of Zhang Chengyuan.
"You want to seduce me again, don’t you?" Zhang Chengyuan felt a little headache.
"Well, I just want to seduce you. Do you answer or not? I won’t help you if you don’t promise. "
"Promise, promise, anyway, even if you wear a dress like that, you can’t provoke my desire." Zhang Chengyuan didn’t care. There was a time when the crystal was lying naked in his arms and he didn’t even move his heart. So how can he be afraid of her wearing a sexy dress? Moreover, if you really move your heart, it’s not a bad thing. If you can achieve good things with her early and make her really become his woman, you will have to face her constant teasing methods later.
"It’s good that you said yes, then I’ll talk about the second condition. After you wear that dress for me, you should kiss me all over the clothes, especially those important parts."
"Kiss you all over?" Zhang Chengyuan hurriedly shook his head. "Crystal, you know I can’t do such a thing."
If he can do this, he can almost accept the crystal. Doing such a thing may make him feel deeply guilty. After all, he has always regarded her as his own sister. Even though this concept has changed in recent years, it has not changed much after all. He can’t do such a thing for the time being.
"So I let you kiss through the clothes?" Crystal eloquent way
"That skirt is through the skirt. What’s the difference between being naked and being naked?"
"Why doesn’t it make any difference? Brother, if you think there is no difference, I will change the second requirement to undress and let you kiss. "
"Don’t, don’t. I promise you this condition. It’s crystal. Don’t blame me if I have any abnormal reaction then."