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He was really scared tonight. His medical bag was tight. Zhou Yi stood at attention quickly.

"Please head instructions!"
"Keep it a secret!" Owl ye cold voice aggravated the word confidential tone.
"I know!"
Dare not wipe the forehead cold sweat Zhou Yi left in a hurry.
A little dazed for two minutes
Leng Xiao’s eyebrows are slightly frowning, and his tall and straight posture exudes cold and sharp, which is almost popping out.
Make up your mind after thinking about it, and then see him striding close to the bedside like a pair of iron tongs, and get up the little girl in bed without saying anything and go straight to the bathroom.
If Liu Hui is alive, this forbearance will surely bow down before him.
Feel that he is not very friendly and violent, and his mind is almost in a coma. Bao girl’s lips are trembling gently and moaning in a low voice for two sons. "Oh … um … um …"
Looking up to heaven!
The apex of the heart is like being tied with a knot. In her seductive groan like a sweet dew, the body is so stiff that it is almost broken. As described in martial arts novels, the blood runs around in the body after seven weeks of countercurrent and then goes straight to a certain place in the abdomen.
Gnash his teeth, he struggled with himself, and his deep and sharp eyes seemed to quench his anger.
And the little girl in his arms didn’t know that he was sad and dawdled. He groaned and called out a pink mouth. Shui Ze’s little face was so enchanting that she could hook people and commit crimes. A bunch of hot eyes could catch the soul.
At the moment, her demon is soul-stirring.
"… oh … I want to …"
In addition to this sentence, she seems to have won’t say anything else, like a Millennium demon who has escaped into the magic road. At this moment, her voice is not as clear and tactful as usual in the narrow bathroom, but it is as hoarse and sexually suggestive as sticky.
"I really want to beat you to death!" Owl’s eyes are clear, cold, sharp and faint.
After yelling at her in a hoarse voice, he had to be appointed to fasten her waist and take a shower in the bathroom. He faced her with a cold face and a shower-
She was drenched from head to toe.
Ah! Hmm!
I was so cold that I felt a tingle. In December, even though the room was heated, the sound was so cold that I was shaking. My teeth rattled and it took me a long time to say the simple words "… cold … cold … I’m cold … I’m going to …"
She is cold, owl is even colder.
She shivered with cold, and every word she uttered really struck his cold heart.
"I’ll bear the cold."
Whistling, Bao Qi’s long black and soft hair was soaked, and she clung to her neck and face in piles. Water droplets stained her eyebrows, her nose tip, her lip, and then stayed in her beautiful butterfly bone along her white and slender neck and dropped into her close-fitting clothes …
"… cold … I’m cold …"
"Cold … it’s so cold that you murder …"
"Give it to the old man!" Seeing the effect, Xiao Ye strengthened his confidence.
"… cold … cold!" Unable to stand the stimulation of cold water, Baoqi struggled harder.
No longer answering her repeated topics, the man Owl really can’t stand her noisy. His big hand clasps her waist and grabs the back of her head, so he can shower cold water, but he himself is not much better, and he is soaked through.
Two men and women soaked to the skin are entangled in this narrow room.
Then I don’t know who stirred who pulled who. In general, my feet slipped and I fell straight to the ground. Of course, the quick-eyed man didn’t let her fall, but made her own meat pad and let her fall on him.
Face to face, nose to nose, eyes to eyes, precious and pure, watery eyes bent their heads and bit his lips with a hard desire almost without thinking.
Bite, gently suck the tip of your tongue, slide and lick …
Section 59
It’s tricky and funny to move down like this. You can just see the charming ravine spraying blood in the little girl’s slightly open neckline, which occupies his sight very strongly and overbearingly.
The little white dove is not big, but it is moist and smooth like water drops.
A little red is delicate and tender.
The throat slipped, and the dark fire in his cold eyes rose straight to his forehead-
Biting her name, growling owl’s cold voice has changed a little, and I can’t tell whether it’s anger or desire. This angry thing always pushes him down in my heart and pushes the taboo mountain to release the most primitive wolf nature like a beast.
The big hand clamped her waist severely, and he turned her body upside down, pressing her delicate body on her body. The most manly way was to severely trample her and moan and keep her mouth shut.
….. The heart is pounding unusually hard.
Out-of-control state and emotions temporarily made him forget that it was not easy to endure for one night.
Holding a gun all the year round, rubbing her with a thin cocoon all the way, and the fierce kiss seems to hold the most masculine body of a man against her with all the strength.
Blood boils with each other.
Breathing each other’s shortness of breath is almost sprayed on each other’s faces.
His face is cold and loving, but her lips are warm and sweet, catering to his attack. Her hot little tip of the tongue automatically entangles with him without his provocation, and she is greasy and strong enough to entangle the two people and suck and entangle them.
Breathing is urgent!
Reason is out of order!
Everything is actually messed up!
The faint guilt in my heart made him kiss with predatory, tough and overbearing arrogance, as if he wanted to eat her …
It is not easy for him to measure the distance between heaven and hell while kissing her.
One thought is heaven and the other is hell.
The cold water from the shower on the top of your head wetted your two bodies, but there was no way to douse the enthusiasm.
Bend one leg, and she wraps around his waist like a demon.
Eagerly shed his clothes, and the cold water splashed on his hard muscle lines, winding bit by bit to his neck, chest, waist and abdomen.
This crazy, confusing, ambiguous kiss has been going on …