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"Is the strength of this company far away from us?" Zhang Chengyuan asked again

Lin Zhixiu said, "If the light is more than personal assets, the boss may surpass Lin Changyu’s family a lot, but if it is more than the strength of the company, the market value of all kinds of enterprises in your name will not add up to one-fifth of the elephant group. However, according to the current development situation, it should not be much worse than the elephant group in five years. Of course, this is also because the current development of the elephant group has stagnated and declined."
"So the elephants are in trouble?" Zhang Chengyuan muses
"Well, there are some troubles. It is said that it was caused by the economic crisis more than a year ago. In addition, there is a gossip that Lin Shiling divorced Lee Jae-yong because she was unwilling to help the elephant group in trouble before the Samsung group. After saving the elephant group, she took the initiative to divorce and shared hundreds of billions of won in assets to help the elephant group tide over the difficulties. Of course, this is also some people’s guess, which may not be true."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s really hard to tell whether this kind of thing is true or not, but it may be true or part of it is true. Well, let’s talk about Lin Yan’s personal situation later."
Lin Zhixiu went on to say, "Lin Yan is a rare beauty in the second generation of finance, and of course she is also the beauty of Seoul National University-she entered the school five years later than us, but I heard that she went abroad for further study halfway. In addition, she is said to be very talented in business management, and her studies at Seoul National University are excellent, which is very popular among professors. Surprisingly, she is not interested in business, and she prefers literature and art when she studies in business."
Zhang Chengyuan once mused, "After hearing what you said, I think what you said about Lin Yan is the Lin Yan I just met yesterday, but you’d better find someone to investigate her situation."
"Well, I can’t beat the boss. You won’t investigate her just because she had an affair with you, will you?" Lin zhixiu asked
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Of course, it’s not because of the scandal. I’m a little suspicious that this Lin Yan approached me on purpose, and it’s not that kind of fan approaching the stars, but she should have some special purpose. Well, maybe she met me by chance for the first time in that hotel restaurant, but it may be a little deliberate when she met me in the restaurant for the second time." He never mind speculating others’ opinions from the worst side, but certainly not for his sisters, relatives and friends.
Lin Zhixiu thought for a moment and guessed, "Boss, do you think she wants to make friends with you and ask you to contribute money to help the elephant group or start something together?" She prefers to think about problems in terms of business and money because she is a businessman.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s not impossible. Well, you can also investigate the situation of an elephant group to see if they really lack liquidity."
In his opinion, he can make a big group tempted, and I’m afraid he has made short-term investments in the financial investment market, but he can quickly allocate more than ten or two billion dollars. After all, his various enterprises are almost irrelevant to the business scope of Elephant Group.
Lin Zhixiu nodded and agreed, then added, "Boss, what should you do with Lin Yan’s scandal? Do you need to investigate who it is and whether there is someone or some people deliberately manipulating it behind it? " This scandal is not the same as Zhang Chengyuan’s previous scandal, so she only wants to ask him for instructions, otherwise she can just downplay it as before.
"Do you suspect that Lin Yan deliberately created this scandal?" Zhang Chengyuan shook his head. "This is unlikely. She doesn’t have the motive to do so. It will offend me for no reason."
Lin Zhixiu said, "Although the possibility is really low, just in case, I think we still have to let people investigate."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You can investigate it by the way, but don’t let this scandal broadcast on the Internet again. If Yuri’s sister and father see it, he will be a little upset with me."
Lin Zhixiu immediately said, "Don’t worry, boss, I’ll let the propaganda department staff handle this matter now." Then she picked up her desk and dialed it, and then gave the order.
Zhang Chengyuan leaned over and put his arm around her waist and said, "Ji Xiu owes a lot to you all these years. If you hadn’t handled the scandal and all kinds of unexpected things for me, I’m sure Fa would be so happy now. I’m so glad I just left you with me."
Lin Zhixiu smiled slightly. "Boss, I’m glad you forced me to stay, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to control so many assets and give full play to my talents now."
Chapter one hundred and three New Drama Invitation; A little arrangement in the future
After talking about Lin Yan, Lin Zhixiu talked to Zhang Chengyuan about work again.
"Boss, you have another video invitation today. I wonder if you are interested in taking it?" Lin Zhixiu took out a play from the desk drawer and handed it to Zhang Chengyuan.
Zhang Chengyuan reached for it and opened it. But after reading the title of the play, he asked, "Isn’t this The Secret Garden of Zhixiu the one that Sister Hailin just received some time ago?"
Lin zhixiu said, "Sister Hailin has decided to play the No.1 female in this play."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "As far as I know, the male lead in this play seems to have been decided next month. Why did you suddenly send me an invitation to play? Is it true that the original male lead wanted to quit the play or the company wanted to replace the male lead? "
Lin Zhixiu said, "This drama first hero was originally determined to be played by Zhang Helai, but the other day I didn’t know that his agency suddenly said that he would quit this drama company and there was no way to choose another male lead."
Zhang Chengyuan was a little unhappy. "That is to say, the company wants me to be a substitute for Z Ryan?" Although Z Ryan is a very good actor, he is still a lot worse than him, so if he is replaced by Z Ryan, it will be a bit fall in price.
Lin Zhixiu said, "In fact, it can’t be said that this production company invited you when it first chose the male leading role, because you were filming the Grand Prix at that time and decided when it would be finished, so it was one of the latter-generation companies that turned to invite Z Ryan to star in this drama. It should be said that Zhang He was your replacement."
Zhang Chengyuan nodded with some relief, then continued to watch the play and then said, "Do you know that Zhang He is going to quit the play?"
Lin Zhixiu said, "I haven’t asked anyone to investigate this matter. The truth is not very clear. I heard media reports that Z Ryan brokerage company sidushq wanted to let other artists play an important role in this play, but was rejected, and threatened to let Z Ryan quit, thus angering the company to stop cooperating with Zhang Hehe. However, it is strange that Kim Sa Rang, the second actress of this play, is also an artist of sidushq company, but she has not been affected."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "What’s so strange about this is that the company doesn’t want to completely fall out with sidushq and leave a fig leaf. But sidushq is really stupid. It’s a big company that can do such a thing to break the rules." Oh, by the way, Ji-hyun was originally from this company, right? "
Lin Zhixiu said, "Yes, but the contract of Zhixian sidushq Company expired at the beginning of this month. I also want to invite her to join our company, but she may still be deeply influenced by the monitoring of her by the representative of sidushq Company last year. She was wary of all entertainment brokerage companies and refused our company. It is said that she is now setting up her own personal planning company."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Since the representative of sidushq Company can let people monitor the flag artists, it is understandable that their employees threaten the company. Well, our company should take precautions to strengthen the management of employees. If employees also do such things to defile the company’s name, they will be removed immediately and investigated for legal responsibility."
Lin Zhixiu said, "Don’t worry, boss, there is no such person in our company."
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "Although not for the time being, when the company grows stronger, it is not necessarily impossible to slack off. Well, if necessary, you can let me be busy to help. I am still good at reviewing people’s hearts."
Lin Zhixiu said, "I will strengthen management and supervision in this area after I leave."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I’m sorry to bother you about this. Well, Ji-soo, how did it go when I asked you to prepare for the horse race some time ago?"
Lin Zhixiu said, "With your busy help, this matter is progressing smoothly. We have already agreed on the merger with the Korean Horse Club and are now planning a specific competition plan."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "When can the event start?"
Lin Zhixiu said, "It may not start until the end of September or later."
Zhang Chengyuan nodded. "Well, it’s not slow. It’s faster than I thought. By the way, how’s the post-grand prix system going?"
Lin Zhixiu said, "It’s almost the same, but the boss, if you have time, go to the company’s film department more often. Your good vision and foresight will help the editor cut out better films."
Zhang Chengyuan hesitated. "I don’t seem to respect editors and others if I intervene in post-production." Well, after all, it’s not in Hollywood. If I have it, just go and have a look. The editor’s ability is not enough, which ruins my hard work and avoids your worry about this film all the time. "In this film, he is not just an actor. Many creative pictures are secretly told to director Yun-ho Yang and let him execute them.
Lin Zhixiu said, "If the boss is willing to pay more attention to every link of this film, then I need to worry that this film will lose money."
She said she wouldn’t lose money, but didn’t say she wanted to make money, because a horse racing friendly match has already smashed nearly 10 billion won. Unless there are seven or one million box offices, she won’t make any money, but this possibility is obviously not great, because such a high box office can usually rank among the top three and even the first in the Korean box office list every year.
And Zhang Chengyuan never thought of making money from this film, and made a plan to lose money early. He hoped that film critics, the media and the audience would recognize Kim Tae-Hee’s acting skills and make the box office of this film reach three or four million by the way, which would not only help Kim Tae-Hee to stop her from bearing the name of "box office poison" but also not be too bad.
After listening to Lin Zhixiu, Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I let you take charge of all my industries." You seem to be more and more interested in money, so you will be more and more tired. "
Lin Zhixiu said, "I’d like to treat money like a plaything like your boss, but I’m not as good at making money as you are, making hard money in a down-to-earth way, or I’ll bankrupt all your enterprises sooner or later." She was a little self-deprecating.
After a pause, she added, "Boss, if you are worried that I will be tired, you can spare some time to deal with a company business or let you take charge of more of your famous industries so that I can be more free."
Zhang Chengyuan was embarrassed. "You know I’m not interested in this kind of thing, and it’s rare to have some leisure time. How can I waste my energy on these customs? But don’t worry, I’ll let Xiao Yuan and Li Yuansi share some things for you. Well, I’ll tell you what. The security company that is under preparation will be handled by Li Yuansi. You need to worry too much. Just ask once in a while, and Xiao Yuan will be more responsible for one’ one dollar’ beverage company. Please continue to excuse me. "