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Author: adminq

Xiao Feng needs a false life to stop Liao invading Song Dynasty. It takes a child to save Zhao Gu. Otherwise, how many children will die in the end? Who can say clearly how many children will die? This is also a chivalrous man, and being sacrificed is not what I wish. Cheng Ying Gongsun will leave. It is to kill people. Cheng Ying is to save orphans. Can this be confused and depressed? Moreover, it is described in detail that the killers who want to leave Jingke are well treated. But Cheng Ying Gongsun is a saying that he has been greatly indebted and has taken a high road.

A knife in heaven For example, Xiao Feng resolved the Song-Liao War and then killed him. He was a hero, but after he resolved the…