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Category: 品茶喝茶联系方式

Small Guangxi followed suit and shouted, "Well played ——". When he saw clearly that he was chasing after our fighter plane by the explosion light, he choked on his lips and couldn’t say anything anymore. Zhu Xiaoqiang’s face was worried. "It was J-12 who saved us from chasing after them. It should be f15. This is a strong enemy!" After saying his word, one fighter plane was hit by two sparrows fighting missiles, and the other two fighters were like crazy, regardless of the back, chasing after f15, and went straight to b52, which had already panicked. The wing knife and the fire flashed, and the expensive "Viper ii" fighting missile bared its teeth and flew at b52, which was too bloated.

In the past, pilots rarely had a chance to see whether the missile hit the target or not, and another J-12 was followed. The missile…